Special Education Teacher- Day School 10-month contract

Do you want to help improve the lives of at-risk youth in your community? Do you want to join a team of people who are hard-working and want to help others? Do you want to build a career while making a difference in the world? If this sounds like you, let’s talk! We’re looking for a Teacher at Uta Halee in Omaha NE, an affiliate of Rite of Passage. Our employees are dedicated and passionate individuals that are committed to inspiring positive change in the lives of youth. Joining our team is more than just a job, it’s an opportunity to create a meaningful career with a company driven by its powerful mission to make a difference.

1. Adheres to the facility, daily and school schedule.

2. Delivers curriculum utilizing Target Teaching methodologies.

3. Tracks student attendance and maintains and provides student grades (weekly and exit) for the purpose of

providing documentation of student progress.

4. Adheres to school policies pertaining to grading, posting students’ grades and quarterly reports.

5. Responds to the questions and needs of the students who have a variety of ability levels.

6. Prepares in advance for each class with written lesson plans that adhere to Target Teaching.

7. Develops and implements effective classroom management strategies for the purpose of ensuring a safe and

secure learning environment. Maintains a clean, positive and inviting learning environment.

8. Conducts large and small group instruction as well as individual instruction when needed.

9. Works collaboratively with all site staff on implementing a “team” based program and maintains effective

working relationships with Case Management and Group Living staff to ensure accurate and timely

communication of information.

10. Maintains a three-day supply of emergency lesson plans that follow the clinical teaching format and define

student learning objectives and evaluation procedures for the purpose of ensuring instructional continuity.

11. Maintains a daily and monthly inventory of all supplies, materials and equipment to ensure all items are

accounted for. Utilizes a safety data sheet when applicable.

12. Handles the responsibility for all instruction, curriculum, tools, identification of Special Education students

in each class, and levels of completion in compliance with city, county, state and federal law, licensing

agency and Rite of Passage Rules and Regulations.

13. Completes required reports and documentation in a timely manner, provides management with required

reports and advises of any problematic situations.

14. Complies with and implements the Rite of Passage Policies and Procedures as detailed in the appropriate

manuals/handbooks. Provides input and submits proposals for the revision of existing and/or new policies

and procedures.

15. Assists with and presents proposals to correct identified deficiencies and quality improvement efforts.

16. Attends all required meetings. Is punctual and prepared to participate in all staff meetings and after-hour

extracurricular program events for the purpose of receiving and/or providing information and supporting

the program. Attends a minimum of two Positive Skills Development Meetings per week.

17. Reviews and analyzes current program elements, provides suggestions and direction to the Principal to

ensure the highest standards are maintained to prevent illegal, unethical, or improper conduct and to ensure

the program remains in compliance with agency licensing and Rite of Passage policies and procedures.

Supports the policies and procedures outlined in the Normative Culture program manual for the purpose of

complying with the ROP educational guidelines.

18. Commits to attending all training/staff development classes in order to ensure sufficient hours of training

are completed on an annual basis. Notifies supervisor if annual training hours are deficient.

19. Ability to work with, provide assistance, and support staff and students in a Residential Court School


20. Provides encouragement, guidance and resources to staff and students.

21. Ensures the safety, health and welfare of staff and students at all times.

22. Models and ensures all program norms are upheld without compromise

Zone 6

Additional Information

Start Date:  August 1

Salary based on education and experience

Contact Information

Uta Halee Academy
10625 Calhoun Road
Omaha, Nebraska 68112

Sarah Nommensen
(p) (402) 905-9656 1656

How to Apply

To inquire, email sarah.nommensen@rop.com

Or, apply on our website!