Part-time Literacy Coach

CYFS is seeking a Reading Teacher Coach Specialists for work on the Nebraska Workshops on Reading Development Strategies (WORDS) Project, a program funded by the Nebraska Department of Education and Institute of Education Sciences that aims to provide rural schools with professional development and support to prepare all students for reading success by systematically delivering high-quality instruction tailored to meet their needs.

Please click on the link below to apply.  Disregard end date for application.


Zone 1

Additional Information

Salary based on experience – Minimum of $25 per hour

Willing to work with individuals on the number of hours and days worked per week.  Minimal travel to the four participating schools in Western Nebraska.

Contact Information

University of Nebraska Lincoln
62 Carolyn Pope Edwards Hall
Lincoln, Nebraska 68588

Nancy Coffey
(p) (402) 871-6873

How to Apply

Please apply by clicking on the link below.  Disregard ending date for application.