Title I

Tri County Public Schools is seeking a qualified candidate for a .7 Title I position and a .3 student services position.  The position could consist of the .7 Title position only or the position could be a full time position by adding the student services.  The Title I portion of the assignement will be direct instruction with elementary students.  The student services portion of the position will include working with the administration and coordinating programs with the ESU and the NDE.  Please feel free to contact Tri County Public Schools if you have any questions.  Interested candidates should send a letter of application and their resume to Randy Schlueter, Superintendent of Schools.

Zone 5



Additional Information

The application closes on Tuesday, April 30th.  The Title I positon only would be paid proportionatly based on the .7 teaching assignment.  The combination of the two positions would be one FTE.  The job starts with the 2024-2025 school year.

Contact Information

Tri County Public Schools
72520 Hwy 103
DeWitt, Nebraska 68341

Randy Schlueter
(p) (402) 683-2015
(f) (402) 683-2115

How to Apply

Send letter of application and resume to Randy Schlueter, Superintendent of Schools.