Assistant Director of Education


Responsible for the implementation of Stuhr Museum’s mission related grades 9 – 12 and Adult educational programming in support of students, teachers, adult learners, families, school systems, and communities in accordance with statewide standards for education. Executes, evaluates, and supervises the museum’s 9th-12th and Adult educational programs using a variety of methods and techniques. Coordinates the Stuhr Museum Field Trip program. Responsible for scheduling, registration, reconciliation, reports, data collection, and recording and tracking of schools and students in the Stuhr Museum Field Trips program. Also responsible for gathering and distributing supplies for both Field Trips, Summer Adventures, and Winter & Fall Adventure Weekend programs in a timely and cost-effective manner. Coordinates the North Pole Express programming in November. Responsible for the planning, implementation, supply collection, volunteer assigning, and all other preparations needed to run a successful program.



1. Serves as the coordinator for Stuhr Museum Field Trips. This includes the scheduling, contacting, communication with Museum Educators, check-in process, invoicing, payment reconciliation, data collection and evaluation of the program. Works closely with school districts and teachers across the state to increase registrations for Field Trip classes annually.

2. Assists, as needed, with the first two weeks of Summer Adventures registration in March. This would include fielding of phone calls and use of the Altru database to register students for classes, sell t-shirts and collect payment for such goods and services.

3. Responsible for the timely, cost-effective acquisition and distribution/ set up of appropriate supplies (reproduction and antiques items, food, raw materials, etc.) needed to support Stuhr Field Trips, Summer Adventures program, Fall and Winter Adventure Weekend programming; periodically inventories the location and condition of such materials. Restores and cleans artifacts used in the educational programs (ex. Inkwells, apple peelers, etc.).

4. Develops, implements, teaches, evaluates, supervises, reviews, and updates the museum’s curriculums for 9th-12th grades and adult educational programs (ex. Field Trips, one-time study visits, Summer Adventures, Winter & Fall Adventure Weekends, workshops, college-related courses, etc.). Employs a variety of methods and techniques, including virtual programming options, demonstrations, classes, tours, films, lectures, and special events.

5. Develops, implements, teaches, evaluates, supervises, reviews, and updates the museum’s outreach programming for 9th-12th grades and adult educational programs (ex. After school programs, school visits, assemblies, off grounds workshops, high school and college level lectures, etc.). Takes note of the cultures of the modern citizens of Hall County with the purpose of building connections and relevancy to the museum through programs, lessons, and events. Employs a variety of methods and techniques, including virtual programming options, demonstrations, classes, tours, films, lectures, and special events.

6. Develops educational materials for programs ranging in 9th grade – adult programming (pre- and post-visit materials, in-class handouts, etc.). Evaluates materials for: accuracy and authenticity; how the materials further the museum’s stated educational objectives and the changing needs of the groups; and how the materials complement the State of Nebraska’s Education Standards. Updates and enhances materials as needed.

7. Serves as the coordinator for the North Pole Express programming in November, including the planning, supervision, supply collection, volunteer assigning, execution, and all other preparations needed to run a successful program.

8. Research the history of Nebraska and the Great Plains with special emphasis on the history of Hall County and community building along the Platte River Valley of Nebraska for use in developing, implementing, and updating the museum’s educational programs.

9. Open and willing to continue learning through professional development opportunities and activities. (ex. Conferences, readings, programs, classes, etc.) Updates knowledge of current trends and developments in the field of education by reading appropriate journals, books, and other literature and attending related seminars, and conferences.

10. Serves as a Field Trips and Summer Adventures Teacher as needed but scheduled as 2nd to last resort in back-up.

11. Utilize digital tools to create, implement and modify digital programming that can be delivered to learners beyond our geographical travel footprint.

12. Assists Director of Education with other tasks, projects and responsibilities as needed.

15. Assists other departments on museum projects and special events as needed.

16. Work closely with the Director of Education to reflect on where the department is at in terms of educational best practices and where we would like to continue to grow to become more aligned to what our community and state needs from an educational institution.

Minimum Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

1. Requires knowledge and experience in lesson plan writing and curriculum creation. In-depth knowledge of interpretive and educational methods, techniques and how to meet the needs of students of all ages, particularly grades 9th-12th and adult learners to be able to develop educational curricula and programs. Requires a bachelor’s degree in education, preferably with experience in curriculum development, classroom teaching/management or equivalent experience.

2. Requires prior knowledge and ability to do historical research on 19th and early 20th-century American history, with special emphasis on central Nebraska and Great Plains. Utilizes this research and applies it to educational curricula and programs focusing on grades 9th-12th and adult learners.

3. Analytical skills necessary to research, design, implement, and evaluate educational programs and to adapt such programs to various groups. Ability to evaluate effective teaching and interpretive techniques, to register and schedule large numbers of students, design educational programs, identify and resolve problems that arise in the education department.

4. Advanced communication skills required to create and implement curricula and programs, to research Nebraska and American history, solicit donations of materials, schedule Field Trips and other school related tours, design materials for the curriculums and programs, set up special projects.

5. Ability to communicate effectively in English both verbally and in writing to create curricula and other educational materials, teach and communicate with students, visitors, staff, and volunteers, and research Nebraska and American history.

6. Requires paying close attention to detail for up to 90% of work time when researching, developing, and writing curricula, programming, educational activities, scheduling, teaching, and setting up special events.

7. Requires walking and standing for up to 85% of work time when teaching classes or programs, collecting, and distributing supplies, doing the work of a Field Trip or Summer Adventures Teacher, supervising special events, cleaning buildings, and so forth. Ability to lift and carry up to 50 pounds for up to 35% of work time when feeding animals, making repairs, gathering supplies, etc.

8. Ability to acquire and maintain a Nebraska driver’s license to pick up and deliver special educational supplies and represent the museum during outreach programming.

9. Maintains a high level of creativity, innovation, and introspection to ensure that department goals are being met, expanding and plans are continuing for future growth.

Working Conditions

1. Exposure to extremes in temperature, dust, and variation in weather for up to 65% of work time when teaching classes, evaluating teachers and classes, collecting, and distributing supplies, feeding animals, etc.

2. Hazards associated with heavy lifting, working with farm animals, operating power tools, etc.

Reporting Relationships

1. Reports to the Director of Education

Zone 4

Additional Information

Pay based on experience and level of education, $30,000-$40,000 a year. Benefits package with medical, dental, vision, life insurance, 401K Retirement, FSA & HSA Plan options.

The start date can be flexible if you need to finish the school year, could start immediately if available.

Contact Information

Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer
3133 W. Hwy 34
Grand Island, Nebraska 68801

Emily Byerly
(p) (308) 385-5316 200

How to Apply

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