Middle School Teacher

  • Focus on Nebraska Career Readiness Standards which develop students’ employability skills identified as the most essential skills by our state and nationwide businesses and industries.
  • CTE teacher will guide students through a career development process by which individuals get to know their strengths and interests; learn how different jobs connect with those interests; explore careers in current labor markets; and build career planning and management skills to achieve career goals.
  • CTE in the middle grades adds relevance to students’ learning experiences by exposing them to real-world options and connecting academics to career and college possibilities. It equips students with needed transferable skills as they transition to high school and beyond, and serves as a key dropout prevention strategy mitigating challenges such as disengagement and lack of preparation.
Zone 6

Additional Information

  • Ability to implement and modify approved curriculum for diverse learners.
  • Demonstrate a desire to meaningfully integrate technology into the classroom.
  • Employ a variety of teaching models to engage different learning styles and ability levels.
  • Prepare motivating and stimulating lessons that reflect knowledge of the curriculum, instructional strategies, and student abilities.
  • Encourage an inclusive classroom that accepts the different perspectives and backgrounds of the students and elicits a greater understanding of the world around them with a global perspective.

Contact Information

St Cecilia Cathedral Grade School
3869 Webster Street
Omaha, NE 68131

Jessie Stoffel
(p) (402) 556-6655 2102

How to Apply

Please email resume, brief introduction and references to Jessie Stoffel at jstoffel@stcecilia.net.