Middle School Math Teacher

Spirit and Grace Academy, Elkhorn, NE is seeking a faith filled, dynamic teacher for a full-time middle school math teacher starting January 2023.  Must be an actively practicing Christian (preferably Catholic) who desires to share the faith with students, embraces a collaborative approach to learning, with a focus on developing the whole person intellectually, morally, and spiritually.

Candidates will need to demonstrate proficiency at least through Algebra I and display excellent math reasoning skills.  Desired key qualities include a commitment to meet the educational needs of the individual student, strong leadership and communication skills, adaptability, and creativity.

About Sprit and Grace Academy: The mission of Spirit and Grace Academy is to support Catholic parents in their vocation to rear faithful children by leading students to develop their physical, intellectual, spiritual, moral, and aesthetic capacity.

Our educational goals are to arouse wonder about the natural world and what it means to be human, to present beauty, and to model goodness and virtue. Our pedagogical methods are experiential and Socratic, both of which are rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition. We do this within a community of parents and teachers who are themselves striving to be all that God has called them to be and to do so from a place of joy and gratitude, where every person is valued as a child of God and worthy of attention.

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Start Date: January 2023

Salary: Teachers are very well compensated and can increase their salary based upon their performance.  Neither seat time in a college nor seniority is considered important – only teaching experience matters.

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Spirit and Grace Academy
20801 Elkhorn Drive
Elkhorn, NE 68022

Emily Wageman
(p) (140) 268-0884 5

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