Teacher Aide- Auburn NE Head Start

AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY: Responsible for assisting the Head Start Teacher(s) in implementing all activities and services for children and their families in a manner that is consistent with the Head Start Performance Standards and written plans.


Assist Teacher(s) with weekly lesson planning and activities for children and their families.Prepare materials to be used in daily program.

Assist the Teacher(s) in inclusion and main streaming children affected by disabilities.

Assist in health screenings, developmental screenings, hearing and vision screenings, and growth assessments.

Assist Teacher(s) in developing and implementing classroom environments that promote learning and personal growth.

Assist Teacher(s) in maintaining an appropriate healthy environment by performing routine cleaning tasks and assuring completion of such on a weekly or more frequent basis, including care and hygiene of areas containing classroom pets.

Assist Teacher(s) in promoting learning through modeling and demonstrating appropriate behaviors, including but not limited to, social interactions, table manners, classroom conduct, etc.

Assist children with personal needs, including but not limited to, assistance in eating, using the restroom, personal hygiene, and first-aid.

Responsible for obtaining reliability in Teaching Strategies Gold.

Assist Teacher(s) in collecting and entering anecdotes in Teaching Strategies Gold.

Complete any required paperwork and reports as requested by Teacher(s) in a timely manner, meeting deadlines required.Work closely with Teacher(s) to ensure that Performance Standards are met.

Perform any other duties as assigned by supervisor in keeping with the efficiency and effectiveness of the Head Start program.

Actively participate in efforts to meet the SENCA Head Start goals identified within the current SENCA Head Start Strategic Plan.

Actively participate in efforts to meet the SENCA goals identified within the current SENCA Strategic Plan.

Actively participate in setting, tracking, and attaining the three national ROMA Next Generation Goals.

Demonstrate active employee engagement by using individual talents, providing a consistent level of high performance, building connections and professional networks, having high energy, broadening responsibilities, and building on those responsibilities.


Valid Driver’s License and acceptable driving record is required prior to performing any driving responsibilities.

Must be at least 18 years of age.

Must possess high school diploma or equivalent.

Must be willing to work toward and obtain one of the following:

  1. A Child Development Associate (CDA) credential within 2 years of hire.
  2. Enrolled in a program that will lead to an Associate Degree or higher in Early Childhood Education or related field within 2 years of hire.

Previous experience working with preschool children is preferred.

Ability to lift weights up to 60 pounds occasionally.

Communicates effectively and efficiently, and comprehend various forms of communication.

Knowledge of computers for word processing and other basic tasks.

Ability to accept and learn new and improved education theories and techniques.

Ability to interact effectively with co-workers, parents, volunteers, and others in the classroom.

Ability to work with others using a team model and to follow basic teamwork principles.


Be able to travel on agency business and attend out of area training meetings and/or conferences as required by supervisor.

Must have the ability to empathize with program participants.

Maintain ones’ self at all times so as not to bring discredit upon themselves or the agency.

Understand and comply with SENCA Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Policy, Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Policy, and Confidentiality of Information Policy, Safety Plan, and Personnel Policies.

Zone 5



Additional Information

PAY: $11.00

HOURS: Monday-Thursday 7:30-4:30, Friday 7:30-1:30 (Unless Scheduled Training)

Contact Information

Southeast Nebraska Community Action Partnership
802 Fourth Street
Humboldt, Nebraska 68376

Samantha Jones
(p) (402) 862-2411 113
(f) (402) 862-2428

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