Full Time Bus Driver

Raymond Central Public Schools is seeking a full-time bus driver for the 2nd semester. The position will begin on Thursday, January 7th, 2021.

Full-time drivers are guaranteed 4 hours per day (2 hours in the am, 2 hours in the pm). The starting hourly rate is $21.25 per hour. Bus drivers also have the option to drive activity routes which are paid by the length of the trip.

If you do not have a current CDL or have taken the Level I and Level II bus certification courses do not worry! Raymond Central Public Schools will cover the costs of both and pay for the hours of time to complete the certification courses.

Please contact Dr. Derrick Joel, superintendent, with any questions or to express interest.

Zone 5




Bus Driver

Additional Information

Staring Date: January 7th, 2021

Pay: $2.25 per hour (4 hours per school day)

Contact Information

Raymond Central Public Schools
1800 W Agnew Road
Raymond, NE 68428

Derrick Joel
(p) (140) 278-5261 5

How to Apply

Visit the school website and apply using the online software – or click to APPLY HERE