School Nurse

Position Purpose:  The school nurse protects and promotes student health, facilitates optimal development, and supports academic success.  School nurses are grounded in ethical and evidence-based practice and are the leaders who bridge health care and education, provide care coordination, advocate for quality student-centered care, and collaborate to a design system that allows individuals and communities to develop their full potential.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Completion of a Registered Nursing Program, required.
  • Hold a valid nursing license with Nebraska’s Department of Health & Human Services or the Nurse Licensure Compact, required.
  • Certification in Basic Life Support (CPR & AED) or ability to obtain within 90 days of hire, required
  • Minimum of Bachelor’s degree or evidence of actively working towards a bachelor’s degree, required; Bachelor of Science in Nursing preferred.
  • Ability to obtain and maintain a valid Special Services School Nurse Certificate through the Nebraska Department of Education, preferred.
  • Ability to develop positive relationships to promote mutual dignity and respect among students and staff.
  • Ability and patience to work interactively with students.
  • Excellent attendance record.
  • Evidence of the willingness and ability to comply with standards for ethical and professional performance established by the State Board of Education.
  • This individual will exhibit skills pertinent to foster positive human relationships and the ability to work effectively with students, staff, parents and the community.
  • Skill in organization, time management, communication, and positive interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to conform to proper standards of professional dress and appearance.
  • Excellent skills in verbal and written communication.
  • Ability to effectively use Microsoft Outlook and the student information system.
  • Displays a significant degree of professionalism and confidentiality.
  • Knowledge of OPS’s mission, purpose, goals and the role of every employee in achieving each of them. 

Essential Performance Responsibilities

  • Provides nursing/health care for children of various ages with varied medical issues.
  • Provides on-site health assessments and develops/implements appropriate emergency health care plans.
  • Ensuring compliance of the state’s immunization program.
  • Continual maintenance of cumulative student health records according to statutory requirements.
  • Takes appropriate measures in case of injury, communicable disease symptoms, signs of abuse or other condition, which affect the welfare of an individual or group of students.
  • Maintains a secure location for all medications and medical equipment to ensure safety of all.
  • Provides meaningful communication and educates in areas pertaining to student health.
  • Participates in the building’s crisis team.
  • Provides appropriate medical care for school staff and visitors during a crisis situation.
  • Participates in the wellness committee for the school.
  • Demonstrates strong interpersonal skills in a multicultural urban setting.
  • Demonstrates strong communication and organizational skills and awareness of community services.
  • Working with and understanding a diverse student population.
  • Maintains open lines of communications with parents, guardians and staff.
  • Coordinates with other school professional staff members and participates in faculty meetings and committees.
  • Evidence of the willingness and the ability to comply with the standards with ethical and professional performance established by district policy as well as the State Board of Education.
  • Works collaboratively to achieve the overall purpose of the program and support the District’s vision, aims and goals.
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Additional Information

Salary: $45,000.00 – $57,600 (BS degree level) / Per Year

Contact Information

Omaha Public Schools
3215 Cuming Street
Omaha, Nebraska 38131

Megan Cook
(p) (531) 299-9731