Substitute Teacher

Northeast Nebraska Juvenile Services is a juvenile detention center located in Madison, NE.  Students are sent to us from around the state through the court system.  We act as an alternative school for the home schools that our children come from.  The Nebraska Department of Education certifies us, and gives us Rule 18 status.  We provide school year round for students in grades 7 through 12.  We offer a variety of curriculum options to meet the needs of our varying students.  A substitute teacher would fill in for us when we are short staffed, or have a large number of students.

Zone 3

Additional Information

This position would start at the beginning of the 2023 / 2024 school year.  The pay would be competitive for a substitute teaching position.

Contact Information

Northeast Nebraska Juvenile Services Center
1313 1/2 North Main
Madison, Nebraska 68748

David Erb
(p) (402) 454-3955

How to Apply

To inquire about being a substitute for us, email us at or call 402454-3955 and ask for David Erb.