Speech/Language Pathologist

JOB TITLE:  Speech/Language Pathologist


  • Master’s degree from an accredited college or university
  • Valid, current Nebraska teaching certificate
  • Endorsement in the area of Speech Pathology



  • Director of Student Services
  • Building Administrator


RECEIVES GUIDANCE FROM:  Director of Student Services and/or Building Administrator

JOB GOAL:  To enable students who are speech/language handicapped to derive the best possible educational experience from school through appropriate speech/language therapy


  • Nine month year
  • Salary and work year to be established by the Board of Education

EVALUATION:  Evaluated annually in accordance with provisions of Personnel Evaluation Policy


  • Administers a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation consistent with professional standards prior to the enrollment of students in the program for clinical speech services
  • Prepares and distributes speech screening and annual program reports which outline the status of clin­ical speech services within each school assigned to the pathologist
  • Coordinates the referral process for potentially communicatively disabled students including:
  • Assist building personnel with referral initiation
  • Assist building personnel in communication with parents
  • Provide formal and informal assessment of communication skills leading to the verification of commu­nication or learning disabilities
  • Coordinates the Individualized Educational Program (IEP) development and monitoring for students with verified communication disabilities by:
  • Cooperating with teachers, support personnel and parents in discussing procedures in working with students with disabilities
  • Interpreting evaluation data into classroom procedures
  • Assist teachers in obtaining and utilizing special materials and methodologies
  • Monitoring effectiveness of procedures and providing changes as necessary
  • Assisting resource room and self-contained program by providing support for students with communi­cation disabilities in those programs
  • Assist individual students by providing support and remedial instruction relative to their communica­tion disability
  • Maintains an active interest in professional development by attending pertinent conferences, conven­tions, meetings, etc.
  • Provides classroom-based speech and language programming utilizing teachers, associates, support staff (as appropriate) and families to integrate improved communication into the child’s daily routine
  • Actively participates at scheduled staff meetings and serves on educational committees
  • Assumes responsibility periodically for conferences with parents
  • Recognizes the extra curriculum program as integral to the educational development of the child
  • Performs other duties within the scope of employment and certification as assigned by the appropriate administrator


OTHER REQUIREMENTS (Intellectual, Sensory):

  • Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing
  • Ability to utilize and adopt methods of speech correction and language development
  • Skills in organization, interpersonal relations, problem solving, assessment and evaluation
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Additional Information

Start Date:  August 2024

Salary information:  https://www.norfolkpublicschools.org/district/business-services/employment-compensation-and-agreements/certified-employees.html

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