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Mount Michael Benedictine School is a Catholic college preparatory residential/day high school rooted in Benedictine values for young men committed to excellence. Students develop spiritually, intellectually, and socially through the comprehensive curriculum and communal experience to become future leaders. Mount Michael Benedictine School is located on 400 acres overlooking the Elkhorn river in northwest Omaha.

Mount Michael is accepting applications for talented, self-motivated, inspiring persons to serve as Residential Advisors for the male dorms. Residential Advisors work collaboratively to monitor and support the residential dorms. Residential Advisors are expected to utilize their independent judgment when making decisions related to the supervision of residential students and are expected to be prepared to make critical, sometimes life impacting decisions as the first responder for students’ needs in non-office hours, including nights and weekends. Residential Advisors will oversee and interact dynamically with students on the floor; suggest, create and participate in activities; communicate with school personnel as needed; make decisions related to discipline and safety issues and administer medications in addition to other duties.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: 1. Be available to students in the dormitories during assigned hours. 2. Create an academically-focused residential environment that supports student success and learning through our Sycamore program. 3. Directly monitor and support the academic, emotional, developmental needs and progress of residents and refer them to school resources as necessary. 4. Annually develop, implement, and promote educational and social programs grounded in our Benedictine values to increase a sense of community. 5. Communicate student issues with other residential staff, parents, faculty, and other support staff daily or as concerns arise. Create follow-up plans based on information from these sources as well. 6. Serve as a resource for students in the event of residential/roommate conflicts, personal physical and mental health crises, acts of intolerance and substance abuse situations. Work in collaboration with Dean of Students, Mount Michael Guidance Counselors and parents and follow-up with students of concern. 7. Monitor residential student attendance, academic progress, and service-learning requirements through Sycamore. 8. Monitor and promote community spaces, with residential and day students. Residential advisors are scheduled to supervise all students who stay beyond the bell (3:24 pm on school days) in the common spaces. 9. Demonstrate inclusive behavior and assist with creating a socially just community where differences are celebrated — bringing together students from many different countries to create an internationally focused community. 10. Actively represent the school to students, faculty, staff, and parents though effective means of communication, collaboration and inclusion. Forging relationships with community partners, parents, students and staff. 11. Create a positive school culture and oversee the holistic development of students. 12. Responsible for following school safety programs, including disaster preparedness, emergency drills, safe environment training, and related safety training. 13. Understand the unique character of a diverse student community with a residency program. 14. Serve on an on-call rotation to cover nights and weekends and acts as the first responder to residential concerns and issues. 15. Document any violations of the residential policies. Occasionally serve as a supervisor outside the residence hall on large scale programming efforts. 17. With parental permission and doctor approval, document and administer prescription medications to minors. 18. Transport students to medical appointments as needed. 19. Implement on-going safety and security plans for the residence hall. Monitor all building safety/security through building inspections, ensuring the maintenance of safety equipment and report all issues to the Director of Facilities. 20. Monitor and assess the physical environment of the residence hall. Facilitate the resolution of facility concerns, maintenance, repairs, and cleanliness. 21. Fiscal responsibility for allocated budgets for residence hall personnel and programming funds. 22. Attendance at the following may be required: parent/teacher conferences, weekly residential advisors’ meetings, opening school picnic, staff in-services, homecoming festivities, winter dance, prom and open houses. 23. Perform other duties as assigned.

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Compensation for this position is $15.25 per hour for hours worked up to 40 hours per work week and time and one-half that rate for hours worked over 40 in the work week. The Residential Advisor and Mount Michael will work together to determine a reasonable approximation of hours worked per week and the Residential Advisor will receive straight-time and overtime pay each week based on that reasonable approximation. This allows Residential Advisors the advantage of knowing the amount of each paycheck. If those hours deviate significantly in any week, the Residential Advisor will be paid for the additional hours at the regular rate or overtime rate, whichever is applicable. Residential Advisors also receive a room with private bathroom, free community laundry, parking, utilities, cable and internet access. Even though this position is a nine-month position and pay is limited to that nine months, the room with a private bathroom, free community laundry, parking, utilities, cable and internet access are available for 12 months provided the Residential Advisor has agreed to return to work as a Residential Advisor during the next school term. While this is designated as a nine-month position, please note that employment is at-will so the Resident Advisor or Mount Michael can choose to terminate the employment relationship at any time for any lawful reason or no reason, even during the nine-month period.

QUALIFICATIONS: • Bachelor’s degree required. • Experience in residential life strongly preferred. • Experience working with adolescents is strongly preferred. • Experience connecting and working with international students preferred. • Strong organizational and problem-solving skills. • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. • Demonstrated ability to work well with a variety of individuals and diverse populations. • Must be able to adhere to process protocol. • Must be able to apply established protocols in a timely manner. • Comfortable with technology and the use of basic computer skills. • The ability to identify alternative solutions to a problem and to select the best option. • The ability to maintain a rational and objective demeanor when faced with stressful or emotional situations; a measure of self-composure in a difficult situation and the ability to act objectively. • The ability to find your motivation for accomplishing a task, and the degree to which will maintain this course in the face of adversity. • Ability to create a positive and collaborative working environment. • Ability to acquire an understanding of the character and vision of Mount Michael Abbey. • Valid driver’s license required and acceptable driving record. Ability to drive a 12- passenger van. • Must successfully pass a criminal background check



Contact Information

Mount Michael Benedictine School
22520 Mount Michael Road
Elkhorn, NE 68022

Derrik Spooner
(p) (402) 253-0965
(f) (402) 289-2541

How to Apply

To apply, please send cover letter and resume to:

Mr. Derrik Spooner, Dean of Students, Mount Michael Benedictine School, 22520 Mount Michael Road, Elkhorn, NE 68022 or