4th – 6th grade Montessori Elementary Teacher

Looking for something different? A place where students love coming to school? MCR Elementary is looking for a teacher for our 4th-6th grade classroom. This candidate will work side by side an experienced Montessori teacher. Candidate must have a Nebraska Teaching Certificate and willing to learn on the job.

In an elementary Montessori classroom students follow an individual work plan to organize their learning, building skills of independences and time management. A school where standardize testing is replaced with a true understand of the curriculum. The classroom environment is designed, unlike a traditional classroom, where students are allowed to freely move about the classroom to suit their learning style. Small group lessons are the norm instead of a teacher in front of the class teaching to the whole group. If this sounds like an interesting place to work…it is! Please apply today.

Zone 6


4, 5, 6



Additional Information

Start date is August 2022 and salary is flexible based on experience.

Contact Information

Montessori Children's Room - MCR Elementary
7302 Burt Street
OMAHA, Nebraska 68114

Mary Boden Anderson
(p) (402) 551-1440

How to Apply

Please email a resume to


Call 402-551-1440 and ask for Mary Anderson