Special Education Instructional Coach

Location: Goodrich Middle School


Position Details:

The SE Instructional Coach will serve Goodrich Middle School by providing expertise, coaching, and support in the area of SE instructional design and delivery.  Job responsibilities include the following, along with other duties assigned by the principal:


– Instructional Collaborator:

Plan regularly with the principal to develop a strong and strategic professional learning plan/framework, then help to implement the plan and instructional strategies with SE staff throughout the year (and summer if scheduled).  Will also help Goodrich SE teachers reflect on teaching through video/peer reflection. The Instructional Coach will collaborate with other instructional coaches, as well as content-area team leaders within the Department of Curriculum & Instruction, to provide comprehensive support.


– Professional Learning Facilitator:

As experts in SE instructional design and delivery, the SE Instructional Coach will be available to plan and lead professional learning sessions. The SE Instructional Coach will work with the principal to develop and implement a strong professional learning plan.


– New Teacher Coaching & Support:

Provide both scheduled face-to-face meetings and on-call support for new SE teachers. The SE Instructional Coach will help plan and facilitate new teacher meetings, and serve as a resource for SE teachers in their first three years. Although these coaches will have a primary focus of working with new SE teachers to Goodrich, all SE teachers are able to access the benefits of working with an SE instructional coach.


– Coaching Conversations:

Engage SE teachers in planning and reflecting conversations per their professional training of Cognitive Coaching and Coaching for Equity. The SE Instructional Coach will use their knowledge of working with adults and excellent listening skills to be a mediator of thinking for all of the SE teachers they support.   


– PLC Co-Facilitator:

Collaborate with the principal to help lead and support SE PLC teams and work throughout the school year.  Includes meeting weekly with SE PLC teams during collaborative planning time to support their work in both long-term planning and effective instructional lesson design.


– Research & Resource Curator:

Provide articles, research, videos, and other resources to help school leaders and SE teachers maximize their vision and mission. Through the development of a district resource bank, the SE Instructional Coach will provide high quality, research-based resources to schools.

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Additional Information

Start Date: August 5, 2024

Contact Information

Lincoln Public Schools
5905 O Street
Lincoln, Nebraska 68516

Human Resources
(p) (402) 436-1594

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