The Librarian collaborates and supports teachers, students, and other personnel in researching materials for use in the classroom for the purpose of enhancing classroom assignments and projects. Encourages the use of library resources (e.g. read-alouds, book talks, fairs, contests, displays, etc.) for the purpose of promoting literacy at school.  Inventories library books, curriculum materials, equipment, and other materials for the purpose of tracking current library books and equipment. Maintains an attractive physical environment in the library for the purpose of promoting interest in and use of library materials.. Teaches lessons using interactive read-alouds and technology. Monitors students within the library for the purpose of maintaining discipline and order in the library media center.  Orients students and staff to the use of library resources (e.g. classification system, on line catalog, care of materials, etc.) for the purpose of establishing familiarity with library resources, services, and required processes.  Performs routine and preventive maintenance of library books, textbooks, media and in-library computer equipment for the purpose of ensuring the availability of materials.  Processes a variety of documents and materials (e.g. orders for library books, periodicals, videos, films, notices of missing or damaged books, incoming library and textbooks, periodicals, media, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining library/video collection.

Zone 6

Additional Information

The salary is based upon years of experiences and level of education.

The start date would be the last week of July.

Contact Information

Holy Name School
2901 Fontenelle Blvd
Omaha, Nebraska 68104

Tanya Santos
(p) (402) 213-4265

How to Apply