Hastings Sixpence Child Care Partnership Coordinator

Job Responsibilities of


Hastings Sixpence Child Care Partnership Coordinator

● Complete required reports on time, including but not limited to:

○ Yearly budget

○ Monthly/Quarterly reports


○ Monthly expenditure reports

● Enter Monthly expenditure reports on GMS

● Meet monthly or when needed with coaches to discuss sites, concerns, programmatic


● Meet monthly with supervisor, Kerra, to reflect on CCP sites, job questions, or other


● Monitor budget expenditures monthly and code invoices

● Work closely with the HPS accounting department to ensure accuracy

● Prepare reports for and attend Planning Region Team (PRT) 9 meetings

● Schedule yearly observations for Child Care Partners

● Work with child care providers to collect scholarship applications from families

○ Determine if the family qualifies for a scholarship

○ If they qualify, determine the amount per week

○ Write a letter to the family about scholarship acceptance or decline

○ Communicate with child care provider about changes in the family’s attendance

○ Special consideration is given to families who work in Early Childhood



● All scholarship recipients need to reapply each year in June for the following fiscal year

○ Notify returning families if the scholarship will continue or be terminated

○ Create a monthly invoice to be paid for scholarships at sites

● Work with child care providers to add families on subsidy to GAP funding

○ Only available for children through age three

○ Create a monthly invoice to be paid for GAP funding

● Primary contact for the Hastings Sixpence Child Care Partnership Program

● Prepare a Letter of Agreement for each partner in July and send a copy to the Sixpence


● Work year-round

○ Hours will fluctuate depending on the reports that are due each month

○ April, May, and June are the busiest months


○ Estimated hours are 9hrs/week

○ Turn in hours on the 9th of each month

Zone 4

Additional Information

Start date TBD.

Salary commensurate upon education and experience.

Contact Information

Hastings Public Schools
1924 West A Street
Hastings, Nebraska 68901

Shayla Dunn
(p) (402) 461-7502

How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in applying for a certificated position with Hastings Public Schools. We do not accept paper applications. If you are interested in applying for this position, please follow the link to apply at the following internet address: https://tinyurl.com/EmploymentAtHPS