President of Guardian Angels Central Catholic Schools

The Guardian Angels Central Catholic selection committee is seeking a highly qualified president.  The selection committee wishes to have the successful candidate assume the responsibilities of the position July 1, 2024.

McPherson & Jacobson, L.L.C., Executive Recruitment and Development has been engaged as the consultant in a search for outstanding candidates.  They will assist the selection committee in identifying and screening the candidates.

Guardian Angels Central Catholic is in West Point, Nebraska.  West Point is 65 miles Northwest of Omaha, Nebraska.  West Point is an agricultural hub with many urban recreational amenities, coupled with the growth of new businesses. 

Nestled in the heart of West Point, the community’s strong Christian foundation is unmistakably embodied by the iconic St. Mary’s Catholic Church.  This venerable institution stands as a testament to the town’s rich religious heritage, providing a spiritual anchor for the area residents.  The church is directly adjacent to Guardian Angels Central Catholic (GACC) elementary and high schools which are revered for their academic excellence and strong values.  GACC draws students not only from West Point but also from four surrounding counties and reflects the town’s enduring commitment to nurturing the next generation. 

West Point’s sensible cost of living, coupled with a diverse range of offerings, from the strong agricultural base and bustling business sector to educational opportunities and recreational facilities, cultivates an environment where achieving a harmonious work-life-faith balance is not just feasible but embraced. 

Qualifications:  The applicant must be a practicing Roman Catholic.  The candidate should be a certified administrator in Nebraska with five years’ experience as a teacher and administrator.

Leader – An honest, ethical, trustworthy, transparent and compassionate person with empathy.  A strong innovative collaborator who implements a positive learning culture in a system of excellence.  A leader of faith devoted to growing individuals through coaching.

Communicator – A person who reads, writes and speaks with clarity.  A charismatic person with intrapersonal skills and enjoys people.  A leader who listens to all people impacted by a decision.  A leader who has the skills to use technology and social media in their communication with staff, parents, students and the greater community.  A person who is engaging and motivating.

Visionary – A leader who builds excellence in learning rooted in the Gospel and demonstrates the ability to drive innovation from the classroom to the greater faith community.

Visible – An individual who will become involved in the community and be known by the students, teachers, parents and the greater faith community.  A person who creates happiness and joy by their presence in the classroom, school and the greater faith community

Accountable – An individual with financial acumen.  A person who leads using processes and procedures from the school board to the classroom rooted in common sense.  An inspirational leader who will both empower staff and hold them accountable.  A leader who gets results.


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Additional Information

Search Timeline:


          Closing Date for Applications: March 18, 2024

          Selection Committee Selects Finalists: April 2, 2024

          Interviews with the Selection Committee: April 8, 2024

            Selection of the President: April 15, 2024

          Start date for the President: July 1, 2024


Contact Information

Guardian Angels Central Catholic Schools
419 E. Decatur St
West Point, Nebraska 68788

Dr. Norman Ridder
(p) (417) 766-7107

How to Apply

TO APPLY:  All candidates need to complete the application process outlined in the link below.