Student Services Director

  • Overview of Role

    • The Director of Student Services provides leadership and expertise in the development and implementation of special programs that include

      • Coordinate the evaluation and assessment process to identify students who may be eligible for special education services
      • Ensure that evaluation procedures are comprehensive, culturally responsive, and conducted in accordance with legal requirements
      • To provide oversight and direction for improving the ECE-12th grade special education evaluation process and the academic and functional specially designed instruction for students receiving special education and related services through working collaboratively with staff, parents, and the community
      • English as a Second Language (ESL)
      • Multi-Tiered Support Systems/Student Assistance Team Programming, Section 504
      • Coordination of Mental Health and SEL services provided to Isanti students and families
      • Health services as determined by special program needs
      • Support in giving guidance to counseling and other internal mental health and well being services
      • Coordinating and Managing 18+ programming needs
    • To provide continual special program evaluation and assessment of instructional practices and coordination within all these special program areas and general education programs. 

    • Oversee departmental efforts in developing operational procedures and complying with federal, state, and local requirements for above programs

    • Managing and execute ESU1 partnerships and related service providers

    • Support District and campus administrators and staff in promoting an inclusive environment while ensuring the provision of a free and appropriate public education

  • People Management

    • The Director of Student Services directly manages any non-teaching staff that fall within the parameters of the departments above that are not contracted staff ex. School Psychologist

    • The Director of Student Services manages the caseloads and schedules of special education staff and is responsible for supporting the development of both special education and general education staff in the areas of IDEA, MTSS, Mental health and 504. 

    • The Director of Student Services will collaborate with school leaders on the development and accountability of Special Education Staff, SAT and 504 Coordinators

  • Supervision

    • The Director of Student Services will report into the Superintendent of schools

  • Knowledge/Skills Needed

    • The successful applicant must have at least five years’ experience in the field of public education, part of which must have been as a special education classroom teacher or related service provider, and part of which must have been in an administrative or supervisory capacity

    • Knowledgeable of IDEA, 504, and MTSS Federal and State Requirements

    • Experience providing professional development in areas related to IDEA, 504, and MTSS

    • Meet NDE leader certification requirements 

    • Highly organized

  • Mindsets Needed: 

    • Belief in all students ability to succeed

    • Commitment to deep respect for the Isanti Community and drive to understand and learn about the culture and history of the community

Zone 3


Director of Student Services



Additional Information

August 1, 2024-25


  • Admin Certification
  • Bachelors Degree
  • SPED Experience recommended

Salary – TBD based on experience and qualifications. Our competitive benefits package also includes health coverage (medical, dental, vision), Nebraska Retirement participation, life insurance, and long-term disability.

Contact Information

Isanti (Santee) Community School
Village of Santee
206 Frazier Ave East
Niobrara, Nebraska 68760

Greg Shepard
(p) (402) 857-2741 3904

How to Apply

Greg Shepard, Supt.