Unleash Your Inner Superhero: Join ESU 2

Do you have the teaching skills of Captain America and the empathy of Wonder Woman?


ESU 2’s Independent Program is searching for a dynamic teacher to join our league of extraordinary educators! We provide a supportive learning environment for students (K-12) with superpowers (a.k.a. unique learning styles) who are ready to conquer the academic world!

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It:

  • Craft epic lesson plans that would make even Professor X jealous (think mind-blowing experiments, not snooze-fest lectures).
  • Build a classroom so awesome it should be featured in the Batcave (think comfy beanbags, high-fives, and actual learning happening).
  • Team up with the Justice League of specialists (our amazing support team) to design individualized learning plans that make students say “Shazam!”
  • Become a sidekick (okay, maybe a mentor) to both students and their families – high fives and fist bumps encouraged!

Why ESU 2 is More Exciting Than Finding a Golden Ticket in Your Wonka Bar:

  • Be a real-life hero for students who need you most (think capes and sidekicks…well, maybe cool stickers).
  • Level up your teaching skills by working with students with all sorts of awesome quirks.
  • Witness the ultimate transformation as students become unstoppable learning machines!
  • Get paid to do what you love – saving the education world, one student at a time!


  • Valid Nebraska teaching certificate (gotta have your superhero license!).
  • Experience working with students with diverse learning needs (bonus points for telepathic communication skills, but not required).
  • The ability to manage a classroom like Iron Man suits up (think clear instructions and a dash of humor).
  • A knack for turning complex stuff into something anyone can understand (even a talking raccoon!).
  • A heart of gold and a passion for seeing students succeed (think Captain America’s shield of awesomeness).

Ready to Assemble?

Send your resume and cover letter to Mitch Hoffer, mhoffer@esu2.org – we can’t wait to meet you!

ESU 2: We’re Equal Opportunity Champions and Believe Every Teacher Has Superpowers!

Zone 6

Additional Information

Salary Scale placement to reflect all teaching experience

Insurance coverage options from single to full-family

Sick and personal day provisions

Start date on or about August 1, 2024



Contact Information

Educational Service Unit 2
PO Box 649
Fremont, Nebraska 68026-0649

Mitch Hoffer
(p) (402) 721-7710 204
(f) (402) 721-7712

How to Apply

Interested candidates should send letter of application expressing any and all experience and knowledge related to this  position along with a current resume and credential file  to Mitch Hoffer via email.  mhoffer@esu2.org