Substitute Preschool Paraprofessional

Provides assistance for the Preschool Program and Center for Childhood Deafness (CCD). Assists preschool educators with the daily functioning of the educational program and supervision of children enrolled in the program.


  • Assists preschool teachers with the daily functions of the program including bus duty, child supervision, feeding/toileting routines, daily planning, material construction, and classroom maintenance.

  • Assists preschool teachers in providing developmentally appropriate practices facilitating development of language and overall growth of young children.

  • Assists or directly carries out educational plan as directed by teachers and support staff including speech-language therapists, audiologists, occupational/physical therapists.

  • Assists students with self-care programs.

  • Assists professional staff in creating modified classroom materials as needed.

  • Completes documentation and record keeping as necessary for program administration.

  • Assists preschool teachers in positively managing children’s behavior.

  • Maintains good interpersonal relations with peers and professional staff affiliated with the program.

  • Performs captioning duties as needed.

  • Provides patient care and education according to the patient population served.


  • Knowledge of child development and developmentally appropriate preschool practices.

  • Knowledge of appropriate ways to manage and guide children’s behavior.

  • Ability to communicate using proficient spoken and written English language skills, providing an excellent speech and language model.

  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.

  • Ability to work efficiently and bring projects to completion on time.

  • Ability to lift children.

  • Ability to establish supportive relationships with children, parents, teachers, and staff.

Zone 6

Additional Information


  • High school diploma or equivalent required.

  • Previous experience working with young children required.

  • Proficient spoken and written English language skills required.

  • Ability to learn sign language required.


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred.

Contact Information

Boys Town
14100 Crawford Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68010

Kassidy Gum
(p) (531) 355-1783

How to Apply

Please apply online at Careers (