Provides leadership and educational development that is critical to the success of teachers, students, and staff. Ensures administrative operations and community program goals and objectives are achieved.


Leadership and Management

  • Manages all program staff.

  • Leads, develops, and evaluates school personnel; participates in recruiting and makes recommendations regarding the hiring of employees.

  • Develops staff through observation and feedback, coaching and modeling of best instructional practices.

  • Coaches staff to ensure professional growth and development, attainment of instructional goals, implementation of curriculum, and effective use of all staff-based and facility-based resources.

  • Prioritizes and directs initiatives and activities that reflect and contribute to the values, principles, and fulfillment of the Boys Town mission.

  • Creates and maintains a strong system of accountability that supports student learning and instruction.

  • Establishes and maintains an environment that encourages teamwork, collaboration, and ethical behavior; supports members of the management team and their work.

  • Supervises the conduct of students and staff within the school and ensures due process.

  • Recognizes and acts on opportunities for school-wide growth; and takes initiative to improve and implement creative ideas to foster an environment of continuous innovative growth.

  • Creates opportunities to connect with students, teachers, and staff by maintaining regular and reliable attendance.

  • Plans, prepares, and administers the school budget, including the translation of educational needs, goals and objectives into budgetary terms.

  • Leads and/or oversees delegated operational tasks such as safety drill schedules, building school schedules for students and staff, class coverage (subs), payroll, and other operational duties.

  • Coordinates Accreditation process

Academics and Instruction

  • Analyzes current school data to develop and implement plans to improve the quality and adequacy of instruction, and foster student achievement, growth, and development.

  • Interacts with various professionals and family members regarding individual student progress. Communicates with other administrators, counselors, and teachers and uses student data to adjust programming and scheduling for the individual student’s needs.

  • Oversees planning and execution of professional learning aligned with school-wide goals and objectives.

  • Maintains records on all disciplinary actions, achievements, and attendance.

  • Participates in Child Study Team meetings and in the development of Individualized Educational Plans when appropriate.

  • Works with external agencies and school districts to develop service plans for students.

Engaging and Equitable Student Experience

  • Maintains strong communication with all stakeholders, including Youth Care and Family Teachers.

  • Creates and maintains an inclusive working and learning culture that fosters FFBH’s mission and vision.

  • Collaborates with the Director of Special Education to ensure program needs are aligned with student needs.

  • Demonstrates concern and respect for individual students, assumes major responsibility for the academic/social skills growth of each student, and cares for student’s health and well-being during the school day.


  • High level of professional competence via in-service education, self-selected professional education, and curriculum development.

  • Knowledge of state policies, statutes, and procedures on education and regulations of Nebraska.

  • Ability to communicate at all levels in the organization and with external contacts in an articulate, professional manner while maintaining the necessary degree of confidentiality.

  • Ability to motivate others and lead publicly with strong values.

  • Ability to adapt responses to situations while maintaining procedural and regulatory integrity.

  • Ability to work successfully in a collaborative environment, meet deadlines, and execute tasks while maintaining high-quality work.

  • Demonstrate integrity, positive attitude, mission-driven, and self-directed with a passion for the organization.

  • Computer skills in Microsoft Office.

  • Knowledge of the Boys Town Model.

Zone 6

Additional Information


  • Master’s degree required.

  • Minimum of 5 years of successful experience including in a school supervisory or administrative capacity required.

  • Nebraska Administrative Certificate for Principal required.

  • Endorsement for either grades 7-12 or K-12 required.


  • Experience in special education and the Boys Town Model preferred.

Contact Information

Boys Town
14100 Crawford Street
Boys Town, Nebraska 68010

Kassidy Gum
(p) (531) 355-1783

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