Berniklau Education Solutions Team is a very small contract program primarily as a resource for public school districts in Lincoln and surrounding areas.  Some computer curriculum is available but most classes are traditional in nature with classes of 4-6 students.

Zone 5

Additional Information

Salary is negotiated individually as are conditionals of employment.  Start date is flexible but middle of August would be idea.

Contact Information

Berniklau Education Solutions Team (BEST)
6400 Eastshore Drive
Lincoln, Nebraska 68516

Jacqueline Berniklau
(p) (402) 420-2888
(f) (402) 420-2942

How to Apply

Please email Jacque Berniklau at jacquejjbest@aol.com or call 402 420-2888 (office) or 4-2 580-1743 (cell)