K-12 Physical Education/PreK Para

Wheeler Central School has an opening for a 1/4 time K-12 PE position. In addition to this Wheeler also has a 3/4 time PreK para position open. Extra-duty may be available.

Zone 3

Additional Information

The start date for each position or combined position is Aug. 10, 2020. Compensation is based a combination of three salary schedules, i.e. certified, classified and extra-duty schedules. The certified compensation for 2020-21 (1 FTE) is $35,200 on a 4.5 X 4.5 salary schedule.

Contact Information

Wheeler Central Schools
600 Randolph St
Bartlett, Nebraska 68622

Rodney Olson
(p) (308) 654-3273
(f) (308) 654-3237

How to Apply

Interested persons should forward a complete credential file, which includes: letter of application, letters of reference, official transcripts, teaching certificate, ¬†and resume’, to:

Rod Olson

Wheeler Central Schools

P.O. Box 68

Bartlett, NE 68622

Credential may also be emailed to rodney.olson@wbroncs.org. Superintendent Olson may also be contacted at work (308) 654-3273 or by cell at (402) 984-4193.