K-12 Music Teacher

Wheeler Central School has a Vocal/Instrumental Music position open for the 2022-23 school year. Wheeler Central is a small PK-12 school located between St. Paul and O’Neill on Hwy 281 with a total student population of approximately 115 students. Wheeler Central provides a competitive salary & benefit package. Interested candidates should contact Rod Olson, Supt. of Schools, by phone (308) 654-3273 or (402) 984-4193 or by email at rodney.olson@wbroncs.org.

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Additional Information

The 2021-21 base salary is $35,600 on a 4.5 x 4.5 salary schedule (7 steps horizontal–15 steps vertical) plus extra duty compensation attached to the music position. Applicants are awarded up to 8 years of experience with a $1,500 hiring bonus. Wheeler Central also offers full family BC-BS insurance with dental.

Contact Information

Wheeler Central Schools
600 Randolph St
Bartlett, Nebraska 68622

Rodney Olson
(p) (402) 984-4193
(f) (308) 654-3237

How to Apply

Interested individuals can call Rod Olson Supt. of Schools at (402) 984-4193 and should forward their credential package via email or mail to: rodney.olson@wbroncs.org

Rodney Olson

Wheeler Central Schools

P.O. Box 68

Bartlet, NE 68622