In-House Legal Counsel


909 South 76th Street

Omaha, NE 68114

Job Title: In-House Legal Counsel


Department: Administrative


Full-Time (part-time applicants will be considered)


Education Level and Certification: Juris Doctorate from an ABA accredited school of law. Licensed to practice law in Nebraska or ability to obtain admission. Minimum of three years of current legal practice in school law matters preferred.


Reports To: Superintendent


Essential Functions/Responsibilities:

Provides legal opinions, legal interpretations, and recommendations to the Superintendent, administration, and Board of Education for the purpose of maintaining compliance with state and federal laws on topics such as, but not limited to:

    1. Governance of School District

  • Review, revisions and additions to Board policies
  • Public records laws / responses to requests for records
  • Open meetings requirements for Board meetings
  • Accountability and Disclosure compliance
  • Coordinate with outside legal counsel retained through District coverages; assist with collection of information for discovery requests
  • Update Board and Superintendent on status of pending legal claims.
  • Board of Education Caucus

    2. Employment/HR

  • Employment documents and handbooks
  • Applications/background check issues/Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Assist with HR investigations and preparation for interviews
  • Disciplinary/termination issues
  • FMLA and other leaves
  • Labor relations/negotiation process

   3. Parent/Student Matters

  • Student discipline – Code of Conduct
  • Student appeal hearings
  • Parent/custody issues
  • Student constitutional issues (1st Amendment, clothing, speech, searches, social media, religious freedom, Equal Access Act)
  • Response to subpoenas for student information
  • Attendance with teachers at court hearings
  • Educational records (FERPA)
  • Enrollment issues – residency, homeless, two-families, guardianships
  • Option enrollment requirements

   4. Curriculum & Instruction

  • Textbook/curriculum challenges (religious content, opt-out, etc)


   5. Administration, Contracts, Facilities

  • Contract review
  • Public bid requirements


   6. Title IX Compliance

  • Serves as the district’s designated Title IX Coordinator, as well as the contact person for the purpose of ensuring compliance with other discrimination laws.
  • Oversees District compliance with Title IX, including providing ongoing training to administrators and staff members and advice to administration on compliance.
  • Investigate or assist in investigation of complaints involving discrimination or harassment and participate in recommendation of consequences.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned for the purpose of ensuring grievances are investigated and the district remains compliant.

Minimum Qualifications: Skills, Knowledge and Abilities



  • Interpret local, state and federal laws, policies and procedures
  • Organize information and material into manageable form
  • Apply data collected to resolve problems
  • Formulate recommendations
  • Preparing and presenting effective written and oral reports and recommendations
  • Work cooperatively with both administration and members of the Board of Education


  • Legal knowledge related to wide variety of state and federal legal topics including school board governance, due process, free speech, open meetings, public records, employment, labor relations, employee benefits, FERPA, student discipline, special education, election/Caucus requirements, public contracts, intellectual property, and workers’ compensation.
  • Procedures used in the conduct of civil litigation
  • Nebraska Dept. of Education rules and regulations.
  • Powers, limitations, authorities, and responsibilities of a Nebraska school board
  • Methods of legal research; knowledge of Google docs, Microsoft Word and ability to learn and effectively operate District technology resources.
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Additional Information

Westside Community Schools is looking for a full-time (part-time applicants will be considered) in-house legal counsel to provide legal opinions, legal interpretations, and recommendations to the Superintendent, administration, and Board of Education for the purpose of maintaining compliance with state and federal laws on various topics. Qualified applicants must hold a Juris Doctorate from an ABA accredited school of law and be licensed to practice law in Nebraska, or have the ability to obtain admission. Minimum of three years of current legal practice in school law matters preferred.

Contact Information

Westside Community Schools
909 S 76th St
Omaha, Nebraska 68114

Alice Dahir
(p) (402) 390-2144