Director of Secondary Teaching and Learning

Job Title:  Director of Secondary Teaching and Learning

Department:  Teaching and Learning

Education Level and CertificationMaster’s Degree from an approved institution with a major in educational administration or accepted equivalent

Certification: Must possess a Nebraska Administrative and Supervisory Certificate at all times during employment with such endorsements as required by NDE Rule 10

Experience Desired:  Building administrative experience

Reports ToAssistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning

Position Description:  As a member of the Teaching and Learning Department, this director will oversee and lead the secondary teaching and learning program for the Westside Community School District.

Performance Responsibilities and Job Tasks: The Director of Secondary Teaching and Learning is responsible for the following areas:

  • Develop and lead the 7-12 curriculum and assessment design process:  Conduct a needs assessment with curriculum leaders and develop a transparent curriculum and assessment cycle through the toolbox cycle.
  • Facilitate the established 7-12 curriculum cycle:  Utilize the needs assessment to develop short and long terms goals for future work and carry out the plans with collaborative teams.
  • Manage and lead 7-12 assessments:  Coordinate activities such as portfolio assessments, standards-based report cards, and MTSS work.
  • Manage and lead K-12 State and National Testing:  Manage and complete the tasks necessary for a successful implementation of required state and national tests.  Be the lead with state reporting through the NDE portal.
  • Lead the analysis and interpretation of 7-12 testing results:  Lead groups of educators in the analysis and interpretation of various local/District, state, and national assessments, serve as the District Assessment Coordinator (DAC), and oversee the use of Illuminate. Present to the BOE the results of the K-12 Testing.
  • Coordinate and evaluate selected 7-12 principals:  Provide supervision and facilitate regular meetings with principals.
  • Supervision:  Provide guidance, support and mentoring to Administrator of High School Teaching and Learning.
  • 7-12 lead contact:  Be the lead contact for items such as 7-12 curriculum and assessment topics and issues, and advise 7-12 principals in the event of situational issues that arise at the building level.
  • Accreditation:  Lead the Nebraska Frameworks accreditation process.
  • Perkins:  Organize all aspects of the Perkins Grant.   
  • Lead 7-12 Professional Learning:  Collaborate with Superintendent, senior leadership, principals, teachers, and to lead the professional learning for 7-12 certified staff in the District.
  • Team member: Serve on District cabinet and council teams, appropriate MOEC and Learning Community committees, MTSS and work closely with the team members of the Teaching and Learning Department.

Essential Functions:  The essential functions of the Director of Secondary Teaching and Learning position include: (1) regular, dependable attendance on the job; (2) the ability to perform the identified tasks and to possess and utilize the identified knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the identified work activities; and, (3) the ability to perform identified physical requirements (full description available upon request).

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Start July 1, 2019

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