Title I Teacher / Activities-Athletic Director

Tri County Public Schools is seeking a qualified candidate to serve the dual role of Title I Teacher and Activities/Athletic Director.  This is a new opportunity for an aspiring administrator who has a passions for both curriculum, instruction and assessment and activities/athletics leadership.  The successful candidate will be a member of the district administrative team as a 1/2-time interventionist / 1/2-time administrator under the general supervision of the Superintendent.  The teaching portion of the position will provide an opportunity to serve as a remedial resource instructor implementing district approved remedial reading, writing and mathematics curricula and intervention programs in both classroom and pull-out settings. The administrative position will provide the opportunity to lead the school district activities and athletics programs to promote co-curricular and extra-curricular engagement among the student body.

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Additional Information

Start date will be July 1, 2023

Contact Information

Tri County Public Schools
72520 Hwy 103
DeWitt, Nebraska 68341

Tiffanie Welte
(p) (402) 683-2015
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