Technology Coordinator

Job Title:  Technology Coordinator


Duties and Responsibilities:  Provide technological support for the school. Provide assistance for a wide range of issues, from troubleshooting and maintaining hardware and software, to installation of hardware and software throughout the building in coordination with the Diocese Education Technology Office. Lead and facilitate staff and student technology use at the school, and provide training to staff and students as needed.


The goal of this position is to be the first line of support for the school and church by providing assistance for a wide range of technology issues while working in conjunction with the Education Technology Office. The position will work collaboratively with teachers and staff to provide technology support and enhance the effective use of technology at the school level while following the policies of the Diocese and school. 



·       High school diploma required

·       Ability to troubleshoot basic technology problems.

·       Demonstrated skills in interpersonal relations.

·       Ability to learn and adapt quickly to technology. 


Performance Responsibilities:

Responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

·       Basic level troubleshooting of technology issues. 

·       Demonstrate excellent interpersonal, communication and customer service skills.

·       Use Track-IT ticket system to coordinate assistance from Ed Tech Office.

·       Ability to learn systems, software and set-ups used within the school.

·       Support orientation and training sessions for faculty and students.

·       Organize, inventory, and monitor systems, equipment, and computers.

·       Perform additional duties as assigned.

o   Before and after school duties

o   Lunch room duties

o   Assist the Principal


Zone 5



Additional Information

August 2023

Contact Information

St. John the Apostle School
7601 Vine St.
Lincoln, Nebraska 68505

Tony Arens
(p) (402) 486-1860 54603

How to Apply

Qualified candidates may submit their resume and letter of interest to the school principal, Mr. Tony Arens –