Principal -St. Cecilia Cathedral School

St. Cecilia Cathedral School is a Pre- Kindergarten through Eighth Grade Catholic School.  The principal is the main supervisor and administrator of the school.  Improvement of the total Catholic educational setting is his or her main task. The principals duties include, but are not limited to:

         Maintain and support the vision and mission of St. Cecilia Cathedral School

         Understand the cherished history of St. Cecilia Cathedral parish and school and embrace the many gifts that alumni and supporters have to offer

         Manage the day-to-day operation of the school

         Provide leadership, guidance, and direction to all faculty and staff

         Coordinate the marketing and recruitment efforts for the school to maintain and grow student enrollment

         Ensure the constant promotion and enhancement of the school’s Catholic identity

         Supervise student discipline with a working knowledge of PBIS strategies

         Lead process of developing and implementing the Strategic Plan, School Improvement Plan, and School Accreditation

         Ensure a strong academic program with attention to curriculum planning, assessment, and data collection along with data analysis

         Accountable to the Archbishop of Omaha through the Superintendent of Schools and to the Pastor at St. Cecilia Cathedral

         Communicate with all stakeholders on a regular basis to include: Board of Education, Parish Finance Committee, Catholic Schools Office, St. Cecilia Childcare Director, Home and School, Activities Booster Club, Comedy and Cuisine Chairs, building maintenance, parents, parish staff, and Pastor.

         Monitor Special Needs Services to include Title I, Resource, Speech, and Counseling Services

         Awareness of Social Emotional Learning supports for the school students and staff.

         Ensure compliance with all laws, policies and regulations for the state and the Archdiocese

         Hire, supervise and evaluate faculty and staff, as well as provide regular professional development

         Maintain Safe Environment requirements

         Create schedule for school year and the school day

         Be a spiritual leader for the school and St. Cecilia Community

         Seek and secure financial and physical resources through grant acquisitions

         Support and promote technology development through the school and school community


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Additional Information

Start Date: July 1, 20223

Education and Experience:

• Bachelor’s Degree 

• Master’s Degree in Education Administration

• Possesses or able to secure a valid Nebraska Administration Certificate

• Five or more years of experience as a classroom teacher

• Minimum of three years as a school administrator preferred

Contact Information

St. Cecilia Cathedral School
3869 Webster Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68131

Vickie Kauffold
(p) (402) 557-5600 2002

How to Apply

The Application Process

Candidates must be a practicing member, in good standing, of the Roman Catholic Church.  The successful candidatwill be a strategic thinker, an individual committed to the ministry of Catholic education who can advance the mission and vision of the school. He/She will be a proven, effective communicator who firmly understands thdiplomacy required to work with a varied constituent group. The successful candidate must be ablto learn thstory of St. Cecilia Cathedral School community and be committed tworking in a collaborative environment for the benefit of the students at St. Cecilia Cathedral School.

Interested candidates are to submit, electronically, the followinmaterials:

·         Cover letter and resume

·         Copy of College Transcripts

·         Educational Philosophy (One page)

·         Archdiocesan Application Form

·         List of references – References will only be contacted once an applicant has reached semifinalist standing and with permission othe applicant (to preserve confidentiality on the applicants part)

Materials are to be sent to:

St. Cecilia Search Committee