Vice Principal


ST PETER SCHOOL, LINCOLN, VICE PRINCIPAL needed for the 19-20 school year.  Vice Principal will assist the school principal in the management of education and teaching programs. VPrincipal facilitates daily school operations and ensures that children have a high quality education. May help in developing the curriculum, improving instruction, staffing, reviewing faculty performance, and creating an atmosphere conducive to growth of the human person.  Requires a bachelor’s degree and administrative certification (may be in process).  A strong faith life and the ability to communicate well interpersonally and in writing are essential.  . For a more detailed job description and/or to apply email or call 402-421-6299 x 105.  Salary commensurate with experience.


St. Peter School

Vice Principal Job Description

·       In the absence of the principal, is responsible for the administration of the school in all areas

·       Communicate well and often with the principal to:

o   Effectively carry out duties

o   Model the unity of believers

o   Work effectively as an administrative team

·       Share in the administrative responsibilities as assigned by the principal of the school as follows, but not limited to:

o   Informal classroom visits

o   Classroom visitations/lessons

o   Weekly collection and monitoring of lesson plans

o   Matters of school climate and culture specifically:

o   virtue development

o   appropriate interpersonal relationships

o   Supervision of students

o   Oversee Safe Environment process and reporting

o   Induction Program for new teachers (after first year)

o   Oversee volunteer program

o   Assist with annual teacher supervision process

o   Maintaining the quality of students’ spiritual, emotional & academic well-being

o   Meet with parents, teachers, and students as needed

o   Assist with planning for teacher meetings, professional development days, and curriculum meetings and development

o   Assist with revision of student and parent handbooks

o   Assist with coordinating speakers, assemblies and other school activities

o   Assist with school communication to parents including newsletter articles

o   Other as needed by the pastor or principal


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Additional Information

19-20 school year

Contact Information

St. Peter School
4500 Duxhall
Lincoln, Nebraska 68516

Sister Mary Michael
(p) (402) 421-6299 105sr

How to Apply

To apply email or call 402-421-6299 x 105.