4th Grade Teacher

Mission:  The mission of St. Cecilia Cathedral Grade School is to teach and live the Catholic faith within a nurturing, family-like community, teach reverence for life and respect for all, and to foster each student’s academic potential.  

Summary:  The staff and parents of St. Cecilia Cathedral are deeply invested in educating students to be versatile disciples of Jesus Christ.  From speaking a foreign language to writing research papers and even performing in the arts, everyone has a sense of St. Cecilia ownership and pride.  The staff’s focus on instruction is putting an equal level of importance on teamwork, self-confidence, ingenuity, and mental health in addition to academics.  The curriculum is designed to be interpersonally dynamic, rigorous, and highly competitive, while also being supportive of all stakeholders. The parents and Board of Education are invested in every student’s education and future as they are constantly pursuing forward thinking educational approaches and facilitating technological advancements.  

Teachers at St. Cecilia Cathedral Grade School are passionate, life-long learners who are dedicated members of the Cathedral community.  They embrace the traditions of St. Cecilia while always striving for excellence. Teachers are committed to growth as professionals and individuals and are committed to helping students achieve success and to the mission and values of St. Cecilia Cathedral Grade School.


Instructional Duties:


  • Teach the 4th Grade standards and curriculum established by the Archdiocese of Omaha Catholic Schools Office.

  • Demonstrate a desire to meaningfully integrate technology into the classroom.

  • Employ a variety of teaching models to engage different learning styles and ability levels in the classroom.

  • Prepare motivating and stimulating lessons that reflect knowledge of the curriculum, instructional strategies, and student abilities.

  • Encourage an inclusive classroom that accepts the different perspectives and backgrounds of the students and elicits a greater understanding of the world around them with a global perspective.

  • Utilize a variety of assessments and use data in the classroom to develop lessons and instructional activities as needed.

  • Update curriculum and materials as needed.

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Additional Information

Teaching and Learning Environment:

  • Integrate social-emotional learning within the classroom environment through teaching and classroom management.

  • Use STEAM program to bring science, technology, engineering, art, and music into the math classroom.

  • Create a learning environment that is motivating and age appropriate.

  • Set clear expectations for classwork and homework while maintaining current books and instructional resources that support the classroom learning.

  • Seek to actively know students’ strengths and weaknesses and responds promptly and with care to parent concerns.  Communicate effectively with parents, colleagues, and administrators.

  • Maintain an accurate and organized system for monitoring student grades and records.  Meet reporting deadlines and requirements and follows school-wide procedures for reporting grades.

  • Prepare for conferences and provide written documentation on student progress.

  • Maintain substitute plans and engage substitutes in advance when needed.

  • Demonstrate strong classroom management skills.


Professional Development:

  • Demonstrates a willingness to learn, grow, and improve as a teacher.

  • Continues to update knowledge of content area(s) taught.

  • Engages in goal setting and review process with assigned administrator.

  • Attends and participates in departmental, faculty, and Archdiocesan meetings.


School and Community:

  • Maintain a positive attitude and approach.

  • Support colleagues in and out of the classroom.

  • Represent the school in the larger community in a positive manner.

  • Assist with projects and school-wide initiatives.




  • Instructor should hold a valid teaching license and be certified in elementary education.

  • Start date is August 1, 2020.  

  • Candidates must have excellent writing, interpersonal and organizational skills, and the ability to work with independence in dealing with diverse elements of the academic environment.

  • Safe environment and background check.

Contact Information

St. Cecilia Cathedral Grade School
3869 Webster Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68131

Julia Pick
(p) (402) 556-6655

How to Apply

Please send cover letter, resume, and three letters of recommendation to:

Julia Pick, Principal

St. Cecilia Cathedral Grade School

3869 Webster Street

Omaha, NE  68131