Elementary Math Interventionist/Title (.54 FTE)

Job Title:  Elementary Math Interventionist/Title (.54 FTE) 


Department:  Interventionist


Education Level and Certification:  

Bachelor’s degree required.  Must possess at all times during employment a Nebraska 

Teaching Certificate with such endorsements as required by NDE Rule 10. Demonstrated competency in the core academic subject area


Immediate Supervisor:  Principal/Director of Learning


General Job Description:  

In accordance with district policies and procedures, the Math 

Interventionist/Title is responsible for the overall implementation of the title math 

program for grades Kindergarten through sixth.  The grade level could range depending 

on the data.  


The Math Interventionist is responsible for supporting student achievement in the area of Mathematics with special attention to Tier II and III instruction. The Interventionist provides individual or small group instruction to students who are struggling academically. This position is also responsible for monitoring, reporting, and communicating student progress and performance.  The teacher will also be a resource to the regular education team to troubleshoot and support in the general education classroom.   


The Interventionist will provide students with appropriate learning activities and experiences designed to help students make gains academically.  The teacher will be working with students who meet the qualification guidelines for title intervention. 

Specific Job Functions: 

  1. Provides high quality mathematics instruction to individual students and small groups

  2. Uses data to provide instruction to students and to bring their skills to grade-level 

  3. Collaborates with teachers, administration, and families to help identify best practices for individual and small groups of students 

  4. Uses identified research-based interventions focuses specifically on individual student needs 

  5. Maintains data-based documentation of continuous monitoring of student performance and progress 

  6. Provides data to school teams and participates in decisions about student progress

  7. Communicates with teachers, administration, and families regarding student progress 

  8. Assists with identifying students for placement in intervention groups 

  9. Participates in meetings with teachers, administration, and families to discuss student placement and progress 

  10. Provides diagnostic assessments for students as needed 

  11. Provides input for program development 

  12. Supports implementation of assessment tools and data management systems 

  13. Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills 

  14. Monitor and encourage individual student progress

  15. Maintain accurate and complete records of student progress

  16. Stay current with most recent developments in appropriate subject areas as initiated by the school or district.




All teaching staff are evaluated annually according to the provisions of the Appraisal of Teacher Service in the  Springfield Platteview Community Schools Handbook.  This function is performed by the building principal or designee and the summative evaluation is completed twice annually for probationary staff and once annually for tenured staff as a minimum. All due process prescribed in state statutes is afforded teachers of Springfield Platteview Community Schools.


Zone 6

Additional Information

This job is available for the 2022-2023 School Year.

Contact Information

Springfield Platteview Community Schools
14801 S 108TH ST
Springfield, NE 68059

Lindy Richards
(p) (402) 592-1300

How to Apply

Please apply through our District Website using the link below.