College and Career Center Specialist

Springfield Platteview Community Schools 

College and Career Center Specialist

Qualifications: The College and Career Center Specialist must hold a valid Nebraska professional teaching certificate with a Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in Business from an accredited college or university.  The Career Specialist must also have completed the Work Based Learning Course.

Length of Contract and Hours: Will follow the length of service as outlined in the Negotiated Agreement. 

Immediate Supervisor: Building Principal and Director of Learning

General Job Description: The College and Career Specialist will also organize, maintain, and operate the high school College and Career Readiness Center under the direction of the Principal and Director of Learning. They will communicate with all school and business community stakeholders. In coordination with the high school counselor, the specialist will provide various career information and materials and communicate with students, faculty, parents, and community representatives concerning college entrance, scholarships, and career planning. The employee will work with the district’s counselors to support the Nebraska Career Readiness Standards and coordinate the school’s internship program. In addition, the employee will oversee all operations related to running the school store (The Trojan Zone), including updating and maintaining website.

Specific Job Functions:  


  1. Ability to manage, operate, and staff the school store in an efficient manner that provides real-world experience for students while focusing on point-of-sale systems and marketing strategies

  2. Utilize business partnerships that have been established to support college and career readiness vision by organizing job shadowing, career fairs, and apprenticeship/internship opportunities.

  3. Planned, organized, developed, and implemented guest speakers, career events, and publications for grades K-12 from local businesses.

  4. Prepare letters, flyers, mailers, and other materials to publicize College & Career Readiness Center services, resources, and speaker programs; maintain career and CCRS web pages on district and high school websites.   

  5. Assist the counseling department in preparing materials and implementation regarding career exploration and opportunities.

  6. Provide job employment services to students, create a system of advertising jobs, and provide students with job-finding skills, i.e., job applications, resumes, and interviewing techniques. 

  7. Provide college and career entrance information and assistance to students, teachers, parents, and counselors; coordinate day-to-day operations and schedule activities, programs, and speakers.

  8. Organize and participate in after-hours events, including senior information, financial aid, college planning, senior awards, curriculum night, parent conferences, and 8th-grade parent night events.  

  9. Assist in offering and registering Platteview High School Career Education staff for local/state professional development opportunities. 

  10. Input data for the Carl Perkins Grant (and other grants) and bi-yearly report findings to the district administration team through ESU 3.

  11. Assist the Director of Learning in annually reviewing college and career goals through a strategic plan; evaluate program outcomes and analyze their effectiveness; adjust the program as needed to meet student needs and changing job and college markets.  

  12. Maintain the knowledge of career and occupational resources, trends, opportunities, and career exploration programs. 

  13. Ensure collaboration with the PHS special education population to provide and supervise unique work-based opportunities. 

  14. Other duties as assigned.

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Additional Information

This *anticipated* position is available for the 2024-2025 School Year.

Contact Information

Springfield Platteview Community Schools
14801 S 108TH ST
Springfield, NE 68059

Lindy Richards
(p) (402) 592-1300

How to Apply

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