.54 Elementary Special Education Teacher

Job Title:  Special Education Teacher

Department:  Special Education

Education Level and Certification:  Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college/university required.  Must possess at all times during employment a Nebraska Teaching Certificate with certification in Special Education.

Immediate Supervisor:  Building Principal

General Job Description:  In accordance with district policies and procedures, the Elementary Special Education Teacher is responsible for providing a comprehensive school program that is preventative in design, developmental in implementation, and supports SPCS students in the areas of academic achievement, individual student planning, and personal and social development. The incumbent also serves as a consultant to educators, families, and community partners. Additionally the Special Education Teacher works closely with faculty and staff of local schools, central administration, various social services agencies and personnel from other public school systems and parents. 

Specific Job Functions: The Special Education Teacher:

  1. Serves students with special needs in.  Students may be diagnosed with intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, various learning disabilities, rare syndromes, and medical fragility.  As appropriate, inclusionary practices are supported through co-teaching and community-based instruction.  Students receive academic instruction, speech therapy, training in life skills, self-help skills, transition plan, and vocational skills.
  2. Follows, as needed, a functional life skills program with adopted curriculum and suggests appropriate changes.  The Teacher provides opportunities to teach functional academics and be able to differentiate instruction for students with severe emotional, behavioral, and developmental needs.
  3. Co-teaches and collaborates with classroom teachers in planning for specific student learning outcomes based on assessed needs of the individual students and the use of data and information to determine each student’s current knowledge and skill levels, set student learning goals, and assess student progress.
  4. Leads or assists in identifying and in complying with teaching and learning and student accommodation requirements under Individual Education Program (IEP) and 504 accommodation requirements.
  5. Serves as the special education case manager and conducts all services to students, including meetings, as required under Nebraska Rule 51 and district procedures.
  6. Conduct, as needed, classroom instruction either for direct learning by students or for demonstrating effective intervention and teaching practices for classroom teachers.
  7. Works collaboratively in a professional learning community with other teachers, support staff, and others as appropriate, in addressing the needs of students, developing and implementing best practices.
  8. Assists teachers in using research-based instructional and learning strategies and content specific differentiated instruction in assisting teachers in planning, delivering, and assessing lessons and individual student success.
  9. Develops, obtains, maintains and provides student data related to the specific content area(s).
  10. Provides leadership in assessing the data on a school-wide basis to participate in and support the school improvement plan.
  11. Integrates district approved and/or required technology into planning, learning, progress, reporting, and required record-keeping activities including the preparation of IEP’s in the case of students with special needs.
  12. Actively participates as an advisor, resource specialist, and facilitator in faculty, grade level, department, and/or professional learning community meetings.
  13. Observant of the needs and challenges of students and promptly engages an administrator or appropriate educational staff member when the teacher suspects or reasonably believes that a student is at risk or in danger due to such issues as bullying, sexual harassment/misconduct, depression or suicide ideation, or academic failure.
  14. Serves as a positive role model for students and practices the behaviors that are expected of students.
  15. As a leader and specialist in an assigned content area, the Special Education Teacher develops and presents training to administrators, teachers, and support staff in assessment and intervention strategies to improve learning for students struggling or lagging behind in the content area.
  16. Will establish a professional growth plan and annually review the plan and progress with the administrator.
  17. Required to follow Board Policies and stay abreast of updates and changes.
  18. Perform other tasks as assigned.  

Evaluation: All teaching staff are evaluated annually according to the provisions of the “Appraisal of Teacher Service in the  Springfield Platteview Community Schools Handbook.  This function is performed by the building principal or designee and the summative evaluation is completed twice annually for probationary staff and once annually for tenured staff as a minimum. All due process prescribed in state statutes is afforded teachers of Springfield Platteview Community Schools.

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Additional Information

This position is for the 2024-2025 School Year, with a beginning contract date of August 7, 2024.

Contact Information

Springfield Platteview Community Schools
14801 S 108TH ST
Springfield, NE 68059

Lindy Richards
(p) (402) 592-1300

How to Apply

Please apply for this position through our District Website below.