School Psychologist

Our school psychologists support students, teachers, staff, and parents in a variety of ways and in
multiple settings to help students succeed.
Candidates should be able to
  • Assist with the development and implementation of MTSS supports (academics, social-emotional learning & behavior)
  • Provide assessments and interpret assessment findings
  • Collaborate & communicate with other building supports to meet the needs of students & staff
  • Serve as a student advocate in determining educational support
  • Team-based problem solving for all students
  • Provide small group or 1:1 support to students
Applicants should possess a comprehensive view of school psychology services and have or be qualified
for Nebraska certification. Interns will also be considered for the position (salary and benefits will be
Zone 5

Additional Information

Full family benefits, opportunities for professional development

Contact Information

School District 145 Waverly
14511 Heywood St
Waverly, Nebraska 68462

Delanie McMillan
(p) (402) 786-2321 1106
(f) (402) 786-2799

How to Apply

Apply Online:
For additional information please contact Delanie McMillan, Director of Student Services
or 402-786-2321 x1106