Registered Nurse (RN)


  • Responsible for delivering health services primarily at Waverly Middle School in accordance with district and state guidelines and policies.  

    • Including, but not limited to monitoring illness and absence; providing routine health care to students and emergency first aid; administering medication to individual students when directed; maintaining confidentiality, delegating cares, and training staff.

  • Responsible for assisting, advising, and training staff across the district in conjunction with the high school RN. 

Specific duties include, but are not limited to:

  1. Assist with coordinating the district’s health services program. 

  2. Providing routine health care to students including administering medications and emergency first aid. 

  3. Assisting and advising health assistants at the other district buildings as needed. 

  4. Training staff on procedures as needed.

  5. Being a liaison with county health department officials regarding routine health reports and other health-related concerns. 

  6. Serving as an instructional resource in regular classrooms on health careers and health related topics.

  7. Attending activities such as field trips with high medical needs students.

  8. Maintaining a cooperative working relationship with all personnel, students, and patrons. 

  9. Maintaining confidentiality.

  10. Coordinating with high school RN to provide district wide RN services to all elementary students.


License to practice as a Registered Nurse required with no prior disciplinary action.  Bachelor’s degree preferred.       BLS required.  Experience in Pediatrics, family practice with children, or prior school nursing experience highly desirable.  Uphold professional standards, the Nurse Practice Act, and other state and local statutes or regulations applicable to school nursing practice.  

Zone 5


6, 7, 8

Additional Information

Starting Pay: $24.53/hr
Single insurance coverage

Start Date: 8/1/22

Contact Information

School District 145 Waverly
PO Box 426
Waverly, NE 68462

Ross Ricenbaw
(p) (402) 786-2348
(f) (402) 786-2799

How to Apply

Application Procedure:
Complete the online application process or contact district office.

Contact Waverly Middle School with any questions.
Ross Ricenbaw, Principal