High School Math Teacher

Job Summary:

This position is a 1.0 FTE that will be assigned at Waverly High School for the 2021-22 school year. Specific assignment may include various math courses, dependent upon applicant’s qualifications and interest.


Preference will be given to applicants who:

1. Possess appropriate teaching endorsement.

2. Demonstrates best practices in classroom instruction.
3. Recognize individual differences of all students and utilizes strategies to meet all student needs.
4. Develop and maintain an organized, engaging and student centered learning environment.
5. Work collaboratively with staff for the betterment of all students.
6. Are available to sponsor extra-curricular activities.
7. Possess or eligible to possess certification in Nebraska.
Zone 5





Additional Information

Contact Waverly High School for additional information.
Dr. Megan Myers, High School Principal
Email: megan.myers@district145.org
Phone: 402-786-2765

Contact Information

School District 145 Waverly
14511 Heywood St
Waverly, Nebraska 68462

Megan Myers
(p) (402) 786-2765
(f) (402) 786-2799

How to Apply

1. Complete the Online Application process.   www.district145.org
2. Complete the online HumanEx Teacher StyleProfile.