High Ability Learning Facilitator

Job Summary:

This position is full-time.  Duties include identifying and re-evaluating students for the HAL program on a continual basis; developing, planning, coordinating, and facilitating HAL activities which include learning seminars and student supports in grades 4-8; work with HAL students on a continual basis in developing personal HAL projects; collaborate, support, and provide professional development and learning to classroom teachers to differentiate instruction for HAL students in the classroom; effectively communicating the purpose, goals, and accomplishments of the HAL Program to multiple stakeholders; work with teachers, principals, and the director of learning to organize and implement the HAL program.



Preference will be given to applicants who:


  1. Demonstrate an understanding of best practices in high ability learning and differentiated, personalized, and project-based instructional practices.

  2. Recognize individual differences of all students and utilize strategies to meet all student needs.

  3. Experience working with multi-age groupings of students and with elementary and secondary students and staff.

  4. Develop and maintain an organized, engaging, and student-centered learning environment.

  5. Understand and support students’ social/emotional/behavioral needs and expectations while building relationships.

  6. Ability to continue and build upon district  HAL seminars, enrichment activities inside/outside of school, and projects that move from introductory (elementary) to deeper and more frequent experiences (secondary).

  7. Work collaboratively with staff and provide professional learning for the growth of all students.

  8. Possess or eligible for appropriate Nebraska certification.

Zone 5



Additional Information

Selection Procedure:

The position is open until filled.

Contact Information

School District 145 Waverly
14511 Heywood St
Waverly, Nebraska 68462

Cory Worrell
(p) (402) 786-2321
(f) (402) 786-2799

How to Apply

Application Procedures:

  1. Complete the online application process.

    Complete the Humanex Survey.

  2. If applicant is considered further, complete the Humanex Teacher Interview