Early Childhood Teacher

Isanti Community is a fun, lively work environment. Isanti School allows teachers to teach in an exciting, energetic environment, participate in professional learning communities, and use creativity to challenge and excite students about learning. Starting pay is negotiable; Isanti schools take into account all years of teaching experience and education. We offer teacher housing opportunities, full family BCBS insurance, dental insurance, eye med, and incentive and retention bonuses. 


Isanti Community School is seeking applications for the following possible, positions during the 2023/2024 School year: 


  1. Industrial Technology 

  2. Art 

  3. 9-12 Math 

  4. 6-8 Math 

  5. K-12 Special Education 


Please email applications to the following administrators: 








Zone 3

Additional Information

please email jcrossman@santeeschools.org and cnagel@santeeschools.org

Contact Information

Santee Community Schools
206 east Frazier Avenue
Niobrara, NE 68760

Jessica Crossman
(p) (402) 857-2741

How to Apply

please send resumes to jcrossman@santeeschools.org