General Description

 The Principal will be responsible for the general administration of Roncalli Catholic High School in accord with Archdiocesan policy, local policy and the mission and goals of the school. The principal is responsible for the direction of all academic and activities of the school, including those occurring outside the school building or school day. Catholic school principals hold a position of trust and service, and they are called to minister to a faith centered community by nurturing intellectual, spiritual, and moral growth of students and staff. The Principal is required to be an active, practicing Roman Catholic in good standing.  Primary duties, but are not necessarily limited, to the following:


·         Create and maintain a productive environment where there is harmony, a positive learning environment, effective communication, and shared responsibility

·         Be an example of Catholic faith for teachers, school staff, students and parent

·         Promote and support the goals and objectives of the school to the greater community

·         Prioritize and manage time effectively

·         Follow through with commitments in designated timeframes

·         Foster a healthy working relationship with the local community and other Omaha Catholic Schools

·         Promote and cooperate with development efforts and programs


·         Comply with regulations and requirements for accreditation as defined by the State of Nebraska and the Archdiocese of Omaha

·         Recruit, interview and recommend new teachers and school staff for employment

·         Complete formal evaluations on school staff

·         Present recommendations to the President regarding employment of all teachers/staff

·         Develop and maintain communications among all groups associated with the school: teachers, students, school staff, Board of Education, parents, Archdiocese of Omaha and Catholic School Office

·         Manage the communication and implementation of school policies established by the Board of Directors Interpret educational goals and school policy for above identified groups

·         Provide input about school budget working with the various consultative bodies and maintain required financial records

·         Hire and supervise substitute teachers

·         Coordinate programming and services with and be a liaison to the local Public School System

·         Attend meetings that are deemed necessary in the role of school principal. This may include, but not limited to, Board of Director meetings, Catholic School Office Principal meetings, Booster Club meetings, etc.

·         Meet with the President on an ongoing basis to review and coordinate school ministry and community relations

Supervision of Students:

·         Provide and demonstrate a caring relationship with all students

·         Know the backgrounds, abilities and special needs of all students

·         Ensure the health and safely of all students

·         Support recruitment and registration of new students

·         Direct and support teachers in establishing an appropriate discipline philosophy for the school

·         Direct and support teachers in coordinating student activities such as field trips, school program, school service projects, etc.

·         Direct and support teachers in pupil evaluations, assessments, and coordinate parent-teacher conferences

Organizing and Administering Instructional Programs:

·         Lead and evaluate the implementation of curriculum

·         Creates school calendar and teacher schedules

·         Provide assistance and guide teachers in determining effective curriculum approaches and appropriate methodologies for teaching

·         Work collaboratively with teachers to design necessary staff development programs to support goals of School Improvement Plan

·         Assist teachers in designing appropriate classroom assessments and analyzing test data to determine specific student needs

Supervision of School Programs/Initiatives:

·         Implement and evaluate  Roncalli Catholic’s Strategic Planning initiatives together with the President and Board of Education

·         Visit classrooms regularly to affirm and assist teachers in developing additional teaching proficiencies

·         Facilitate the development, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the school’s improvement plan, utilizing the framework and processes adopted by the Catholic School Office to address accreditation requirements of the State of Nebraska

·         Provide an orientation for new teacher and staff

·         Provide leadership through teacher meetings, teacher in-services, and other forms of communication

Knowledge, skills, abilities:

Possess and able to consistently demonstrate the following personal and professional qualifications:

  • A practicing member, in good standing, of the Roman Catholic Church who sees his/her commitment to Catholic education as a ministry
  • Demonstrated record of developing a sound philosophy of Catholic School education and administration
  • High energy leader with a passion for students, faith formation, community building, character development learning, and excellence
  • Demonstrated record of developing processes, implementing and evaluating an effective school improvement plan
  • Strong working knowledge of the spiritual and academic educational documents used in the Archdiocese
  • Strong working knowledge and/or skills in administration, management, curriculum, instruction, public relations, communications, development, budget and finance
  • Demonstrated record of setting high expectations for students, staff and self; assessing progress and growth on an ongoing basis
  • Demonstrated excellent oral and written communication skills
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Contact Information

Roncalli Catholic High School
6401 Sorensen Parkway
Omaha, NE 68152

Sean Keisling
(p) (402) 571-7670 108
(f) (402) 571-3216

How to Apply

Send resume, cover letter, three references to

 Sean Keisling, President

Roncalli Catholic High School

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