President of School – Roncalli Catholic High School


The President of Roncalli Catholic High School (RCHS), of the Archdiocese of Omaha, assumes total responsibility for RCHS’s external and internal operations.  As the Chief Executive Officer, the President reports directly to the RCHS Board of Directors, and is accountable to the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Omaha and the Superintendent of Catholic Schools, as well. 

As the primary spiritual leader of the school, the President communicates and promotes Catholic values in all aspects and functions of the position.  The President is responsible for creating and promoting a strategic vision for the institution, seeking sufficient financial resources, and maintaining sound fiscal management of all operations.  Paramount attention is afforded to development efforts with all relevant stakeholders.

As the primary educational leader of the school, the President ensures, through proper delegation and oversight, that all academic, spiritual, social, and extracurricular activities, recruitment and promotion goals, and other internal and external operations are successfully achieved.  The Principal, who has primary responsibility for the daily operation of the school, is subordinate to the President; the relationship between the President and Principal should be collaborative in nature.

The President maintains a positive attitude, respects the dignity of each person, and is committed to resolving conflicts and difficulties, applying appropriate problem-solving strategies as needed, and maintains a strong working relationship with all constituencies. The President promotes the overall reputation and values of the school, serving as the primary liaison between the school, the Board of Directors of Limited Jurisdiction, and the Archdiocese.  The President serves as an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors, its committees and sub-committees, and any and all school councils, committees, clubs, and organizations. 


Faith Community

       Assumes the role of spiritual guide and establishes the vision for the day to day operations of the school, infusing it with Christian hope and fidelity to Gospel values.

       Seeks to ensure that all stakeholders know, understand, and live the Catholic mission of the school.

       Assures promotion of Christian values and orchestrates varied opportunities to engage students, faculty, and staff in faith development experiences.

       Collaborates with the principal and staff to develop Campus Ministry programs, retreats and other activities which align with the mission of the school.

       Articulates to the community at large how Catholic education promotes the Gospel message and encourages students to live as Jesus did.

       Preserves at all times the authentic Catholic identity of the school and seeks ways to celebrate Catholic character with traditions and programs unique to RCHS’s culture.


       Supervises the efforts of the Advancement and Development office and ensures all development outreach efforts align with the school’s mission, strategic plan, Board and Archdiocesan expectations.

       Strategizes regularly with the Advancement team to initiate and deepen relationships with individual donors and organizations.

       Fosters relationships with varied stakeholders (alumni, current parents, friends of the school, parents of alumni, community leaders, corporate supporters, area pastors, etc.).

       Identifies, with assistance from the Board and Archdiocesan resources, top donor prospects and seeks to meet regularly with such donors to strengthen the relationship between the donor and the school; maintains and nurtures existing relationships previously established.

       Meets regularly with the Development Committee of the Board to discuss general vision for the school’s development efforts, potential new donors, and other applicable outreach efforts.

       Ensures the Development Committee and the Vice-President of Advancement and Development reports regularly to the Board of Directors regarding development efforts at the school.

       Oversees all fundraising events including the Annual Fund, Festa De Leone and other fund raisers.

       Reviews such events with the Vice-President for Advancement, the Advancement office staff and the Board Development Committee to discuss opportunities for improvement and growth.

Business Operation

       Provides proper oversight of all business and financial operations of the school and acts as Chief Financial Officer of the school.

       Ensures sound fiscal management of all resources as well as oversight of any and all needs of the physical property.

       Develops a fiscally sound annual budget in collaboration with the appropriate business office staff, the Board Finance Committee and the Board of Directors.

       Oversees the proper implementation of the budget during the course of the fiscal year.

       Submits a Board approved budget to the Archdiocese of Omaha on an annual basis.

       Responds to all legal requirements of the school.

       Directs the financial aid program, including awarding scholarships, based upon specific criteria related to various scholarships opportunities.

       Assists as necessary with annual audit practices.

       Directs and ensures compliance with city, county, and state guidelines to meet fire, health, safety and security requirements.

       Provides an annual report regarding (but not limited to) the business operation of the school.

       Meets regularly with direct reports for the purposes of planning, coordination, goal setting (both professional and programmatic), and supervision, among other matters.

Strategic Planning

       Ensures the school has a viable and well-designed strategic plan which offers a 3-5 year vision for the school.

       Shares the vision of the strategic plan with all stakeholders, including the Board of Directors.

       Delegates action items within the strategic plan to appropriate employees and committees within the school and the Board.

       Ensures regular updates to all stakeholders, including the Board of Directors, on progress and success in implementing the strategic plan.

Board Relations

       Establishes a strong working relationship with the Board of Directors.

       Works closely with the Board on developing appropriate school policies and recommendations for programmatic enhancement in compliance with the Bylaws of the Board, and seeks Board approval of new school policies.

       Reviews school policies with the Board every three years.

       Ensures proper implementation of all Board policies.

       Provides leadership and guidance for the implementation of policies established by the Archdiocese of Omaha and/or the Catholic Schools Office.

       Attends all Board of Director meetings, and Board Committee meetings as necessary.

       Assists the current Board of Directors, in conjunction with the Governance Committee of the Board, with the identification, recruitment, orientation and formation of new Board members.

       Serves as a liaison between the Board of Directors and the greater school community.

Daily Operations

       Works closely with the principal of the school.

o   Hires, supervises, evaluates and, if necessary, terminates the Principal and all direct reports on the school’s Organizational Chart.

o   Meets regularly with the Principal, faculty and staff.

o   Assists, as necessary, with the faculty/staff hiring, contract renewal, and non-renewal needs of the school.

o   Collaborates with the principal and directs, as needed, guidelines to support the overall quality of the academic, extracurricular, and personal/social/spiritual programs of the school.

o   Assists in the recruitment and retention of students in collaboration with appropriate personnel, and as necessary, sees that exit interviews are conducted when appropriate.

o   Assists the principal in the design of professional development opportunities for faculty and staff as needed.

       Serves as the final in-house appeal on all personnel and student matters.

Communication/Community Awareness

       Remains visible to all stakeholders in the community.

       Oversees all communication efforts between the school and all stakeholder audiences, using appropriate modes of communication (social media, print materials, digital materials, etc.).

       Keeps the Catholic School Office and appropriate Archdiocesan offices aware of pertinent school happenings/issues and communicates and coordinates with the two other Omaha area Catholic High Schools (DJ Gross Catholic and VJ & Angela Skutt Catholic) on issues of common concern.

       Ensures that the overall mission and vision of the school is clearly defined and communicated to both internal and external stakeholders as well as the community at large.



The requirements below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and ability required:

       Active, practicing Roman Catholic in full communion with the Church, modeling a Catholic lifestyle for the school community, and prayerful and faith-filled, committed to personal spiritual growth.

       Strong professional ethic, with a Christ-centered approach towards all people, and a willingness to base decisions on moral responsibilities in Gospel values.

       Demonstrated integrity, resilience and perseverance.

       Experience working with and understanding the needs of students.

       Committed to a Catholic, co-educational school that includes an appreciation and respect for other faith traditions.

       Passionate for the unique character of Roncalli Catholic High School which, in the tradition of the De La Salle Christian Brothers and Notre Dame Sisters, seeks to serve the poor through education in, primarily, but not limited to, the North Omaha community.

       Master’s degree in Educational Administration, Public Administration or other academic area and a minimum of 5 years of experience in school leadership or senior level business or non-profit management or equivalent combination of education and experience which demonstrates the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the above-described essential functions.

       Exceptional organizational and strategic thinking skills.

       Goal-driven and self-motivated with experience working independently, setting schedules, prioritizing tasks, and working with others in a team setting.

       Excellent personal and professional skills, which represent the Archdiocese locally, regionally and nationally, as opportunities allow, in a positive light.

       Life-long learning passion, with a history of participation in continuing formation opportunities.

       Strong understanding and use of technology and computer based tools.

       Willingness and ability to work evenings and weekends.

       A valid driver’s license is required.

Background check and Safe Environment Certification required before beginning employment.



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Additional Information

Roncalli Catholic High School Board of Directors seeks highly qualified applicants for the position of President beginning no later than July 1, 2021.   This offers an exciting opportunity for a strategic, visionary leader who wants to inspire a dedicated faculty, administration, and staff who educate a diverse and engaged student body.  A strong and experienced support team in development, communications and recruiting will help a proven leader build on current funding growth.  Innovative curriculum programs include a Benilde Learning Support Program and several career academies, along with solid college prep learning courses.  RCHS is a Catholic community that fosters values while modeling inclusion, friendship, wisdom, courage, faith and discovery.  A candidate must be a practicing Catholic with a Master’s degree and at least five years’ experience in development or education management. 

Contact Information

Roncalli Catholic High School
6401 Sorensen Parkway
Omaha, Nebraska 68152

Vickie Kauffold
(p) (402) 557-5600 2002

How to Apply

Interested persons can find information, a full job description, and directions on the application process at

A completed application will include:

  • A completed Application for Employment Form (see here)
  • A cover letter that includes why this position interests you
  • A resume (include education (colleges, degrees), employment history (employers, positions, dates), and volunteer service (organizations, position))
  • A list of references (include employment contacts and volunteer service supervisors)

All four documents should be attached to an email and sent to  The application deadline is February 1, 2021 at midnight.