Director of Special Education

Raymond Central is seeking a highly qualified Special Education Director for the 2021-2022 school year. This is a districtwide administrative position that will oversee all special education services at the three-building sites (Ceresco Elementary, Valparaiso Elementary, and the Jr/Sr High School).


Job Title: Special Education Director


Department: Special Education


Education Level and Certification: Masters degree required, in addition to all other required or assigned certification and training; Must possess a Nebraska Administrative and Supervisory Certificate at all times during employment with such endorsements as required by NDE Rules 10 and 51.

Reports To: Superintendent


Required Job Tasks

The Special Education Director is the chief administrator of the District’s special education program and serves in both a leadership and management role. The special education program includes services to students with disabilities under NDE Rule 51, Section 504 or other applicable law. The Special Education Director may delegate performance of management duties. Such delegation does not relieve the Special Education Director from ultimate responsibility or accountability.

  1. Educational Leadership
    1. Serve as the educational leader of the District’s special education program and as a positive contributing member of the administrative team.
    2. Administer, as chief administrator, the development and maintenance of a special education program designed to meet the needs of students eligible for special education services and to carry out the policies of the Board of Education.
    3. Serve as the District’s point of contact and liaison between the Educational Services Unit 2’s special education support services.
    4. Provide a leadership structure to ensure rules and instructions to special education program employees and students are in compliance with Board policy.
    5. Set or recommend educational standards and goals, including the minimum goal of maintaining accreditation, and recommend and implement policies and procedures to carry them out.
    6. Evaluate curricula, teaching methods, and programs to determine their effectiveness, efficiency and utilization and to ensure that the special education program complies with federal and state laws and regulations and Board policy or directives, and implement changes as appropriate.
    7. Determine the scope of special education program offerings and the staffing and facility required to provide the educational program.
    8. Observe teaching methods and examine instructional materials in order to evaluate and standardize curricula and teaching techniques, and to determine areas where improvement is needed.
    9. Plan and develop instructional methods and content for special education programs.
    10. Review and approve new programs, or recommend modifications to existing programs, submitting program proposals to the Superintendent for Board approval as necessary.
    11. Collect and analyze survey data, regulatory information, and data on demographic trends to forecast enrollment patterns and curriculum change needs.
    12. Organize and direct committees of specialists, volunteers, and staff to provide technical and advisory assistance for programs.
    13. Develop IEPs and 504 Plans, assist special education employees in the development of IEPs and 504 Plans for which they are responsible, participate in MDT, IEP and 504 team meetings, and ensure that services and accommodations are provided to students in accordance with the IEPs and 504 Plans.  Provide special education instruction and related services to students as needed.
    14. Ensure completion of student assessments in accordance with Board policy and state and federal laws and regulations. Initiate program changes in light of such assessments.
    15. Ensure that the mission and goals of the school district are adequately reflected in the special education program and operations.
    16. Ensure implementation of all board-approved curriculum and inclusion of state-mandated programs and curriculum content standards in the special education program.
    17. Prepare and submit to the Superintendent and administrative team recommendations relative to all special education program matters requiring Board action, placing before the Superintendent and administrative team such necessary and helpful facts, information, and reports as are needed to ensure the making of informed decisions.

  1. Personnel Administration
    1. Establish parameters for recruiting and interviewing prospective employees within the special education program. Recruit and recommend for hiring the best qualified and most competent persons for positions within the limits of the budget.
    2. Assign or transfer employees to their positions as deemed in the best interests of the school district and report such action to the Superintendent’s office for information and record.
    3. Direct, supervise and evaluate any subordinate administrative staff.
    4. Direct and coordinate activities of teachers, administrators, and support staff within the special education program.
    5. Recommend and implement the school district’s special education program staff training.
    6. Conduct observations and evaluations of special education program staff, in accordance with the Board evaluation policy and legal requirements, and assure that observations and evaluations are completed by others who are delegated such duties. Implement improvement or corrective action plans when needed.
    7. Hold meetings of teachers and other employees for the discussion of matters concerning the improvement and welfare of the special education program.
    8. Develop and maintain a positive and professional working relationship with the staff.

Required Knowledge

            The Special Education Director is to possess and effectively utilize knowledge in the following areas:

  1. Administration and Management—Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human resources modeling, leadership technique, production methods, and coordination of people and resources.


FLSA Status: Exempt.


  1. Professional exemption:  The employee has a primary duty of performing work requiring knowledge of an advanced type in a field of science or learning customarily acquired by a prolonged course of specialized intellectual instruction and study or has a primary duty of teaching, tutoring, instructing, or lecturing in the activity of imparting knowledge and is employed and engaged in this activity as a teacher.
  2. Executive exemption:  The primary duty of the employee is the management of a department or subdivision.  The employee customarily and regularly directs the work of two or more other employees and has authority to hire or fire other employees or the employee’s recommendations as to hiring, firing, promotion, or other changes of status of other employees are given particular weight.
  3. Administrative exemption: The employee has the primary duty of performing office or non-manual work directly related to the management of general business operations of the school district.  The employee customarily and regularly exercises discretion and independent judgment or has a primary duty of performing administrative functions directly related to academic instruction or training in the school district or a department or subdivision.
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Additional Information

Salary level will be based on experience and education level. Health insurance is provided by the district for all tiers at no cost to the employee.

The start date is July 2021.

Contact Information

Raymond Central Public Schools
1800 W Agnew Road
Raymond, NE 68428

Derrick Joel
(p) (140) 278-5261 5