School Social Worker/Licensed Mental Health Practitioner (or willingness to obtain)

We are seeking a highly motivated school social worker to join our early childhood/Head Start center. The candidate should have a strong desire to join a district with a team of four (4) full-time school social workers who are paving a path from good to great. Student-centered, collaborative school social workers who can motivate students of all ability levels are encouraged to apply for this position.

Plattsmouth is a rural community and has schools within 10 min. of Bellevue and 20 min. of Omaha. Visit us at, Facebook, and Twitter.

To identify and make special provisions for students who are at risk of failing to meet educational expectations and assist staff members in fulfillment of a belief that success in meeting universally high and reasonable expectations, eventual graduation, and continued education and/or future employment are attainable goals for all students.

1. Personal qualifications suitable for working with at-risk student populations and their parents.
2. Special preparation in social work, mental health, counseling, special needs, special education, and at-risk youth programs is desirable. MSW and Licensed Mental Health Practitioner, or willingness to obtain, preferred.
3. Willing to work with students with behavioral, emotional, or home problems and to go into the homes of such students in order to work with parents.
4. Ability to communicate effectively with students, teachers, administrators, support personnel, parents, and other specialists.

Performance Responsibilities:
1. Accept referrals and discusses problem situations with administrators, counselors, and teachers concerning students who are not able to function in school because of behavioral, emotional, or home difficulties.
2. Provide individual and/or group counseling as appropriate for the students referred.
3. Help staff provide for, monitor, and adjust learning experiences so as to accelerate each student’s learning progress beyond the rate apparently experienced to the date of identification for the program.
4. Help staff provide the extra time, attention, and care needed to counsel and help students and their families to become involved in the education process and to have access to basic care normally expected of families.
5. Promote a relationship of trust and mutual respect between school and home, and between the school and other agencies concerned with the welfare of students.  Coordinate school efforts with the efforts of other agencies.
6. Find solutions to individual student problem situations that will maximize that student’s chances for success in school, home, community, and life.

7. Establish continuous communication with the various agencies within the community that provide services for students.  Evaluate the need to refer individuals to other agencies for assistance.
8. Make home visits, as needed, to the parents of referred students in order to discuss experiences and seek solutions.
9. Bring parents and school personnel together to discuss mutually beneficial solutions.
10.  Help staff and students recognize and establish links between basic school curriculum, further education opportunities, and occupational expectations.
11.  Develop/select final instruments for baseline data collection and subsequent evaluation.  Collect and record data from assessments, teachers, parents, and others in regard to the behavioral, social, academic and career objectives.
12.  Coordinate and cooperate with building-level teams for the identification of student needs, target performance goals, and developing education plans.
13.  Keep records of involvement with students and share information with appropriate individuals.
14.  Report to the superintendent and principals with respect to building program coordination and provide such other building program coordination as deemed necessary.
15.  Participate in activities that contribute to the effective operation of the school.
16.  Assume such other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the principal or Superintendent.

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Additional Information

This position is included in our Negotiated Agreement. Our base salary for 2023-2024 is $36,100 plus full family health insurance.

Contact Information

Plattsmouth Community Schools
1912 Old Hwy. 34
Plattsmouth, Nebraska 68048

Dr. Richard E. Hasty
(p) (402) 296-3361 2813

How to Apply

Please complete an online application at Select Job ID 10023. Attach your cover letter, resume, transcripts, certificate, and at least three reference letters. Thank you for your interest in working with the staff and students of the Plattsmouth Community Schools! EOE.