Full-Time Business Manager

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:  Managing payroll and accounts payable, operating accounting and time management software, processing purchases, and managing school transportation schedules.

Applicants should have experience working with payroll, accounting, purchasing, and scheduling, preferably with post-secondary education in business or accounting.

Zone 5



Additional Information

Benefits include full family health insurance, full single dental, vision, and disability insurance, NPERS retirement, personal, sick, vacation, and bereavement leave.

Employment will begin as soon as possible after July 18, 2021.

Salary will be based on education and experience.

Position remains open until filled.


Contact Information

Pawnee City Public Schools
729 E Street
Pawnee City, Nebraska 68420

Brian Rottinghaus
(p) (402) 852-2411

How to Apply

To Apply:  Mail cover letter, resume, credentials, transcripts, and signed letters of reference to:

Pawnee City Public Schools

Attn: Brian Rottinghaus, Superintendent

PO Box 393

Pawnee City, NE 68420


Email scanned copies of resume, credentials, transcripts, and signed letters of reference tobrottinghaus@pawneecityschool.net

EOE/Veteran Preference Employer