High School Math Teacher *1 Year Contract*

Norris High School is accepting applications for a one-year high school Mathematics teacher for the 2024-25 school year.  The Norris Math Department strives to prepare critically thinking students in the areas of Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Technical Math, and Statistics.  The candidate chose to fill this position will work closely with experienced Mathematics teachers in both the middle and high schools in planning program curriculum.

Benefits include:

  • 2024-25 Base Pay – $40,100.00
  • Full single or family insurance
  • 88 hours (11 days) non-specified leave days per year
  • One year contract

Required qualifications: certified or ability to be certified as a secondary mathematics teacher

Preferred qualifications: qualified to teach dual credit mathematics courses

Questions regarding the position, please contact Mr. Nate Seggerman, High School Principal, at nate.seggerman@nsdtitans.org

 Teaching Responsibilities:

  • Teaches basic skills, knowledge, and strategies of Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, College Algebra, Technical Math, and Statistics while utilizing the courses of study adopted by the Board of Education and other appropriate learning activities.
  • Leads effective instruction in a classroom setting.
  • Evaluates each student’s growth in skills, knowledge, and contribution in the mathematics curricular area.
  • Provides individualized and small group instruction in order to adapt the curriculum.
  • Establishes and maintains standards of student behavior needed to provide an orderly, productive environment in the classroom.

Professional Responsibilities:

  • Maintains professional competence through in-service education activities provided by the district, and/or in self-selected professional growth activities.
  • Works cooperatively with other mathematics teachers at the middle and high school levels in planning a balanced mathematics program.
  • Participates cooperatively with the appropriate administrator to develop the method by which he/she will be evaluated in conformance with district guidelines.
  • Communicates with parents and school counselors on student progress.
  • Identifies student needs and cooperates with other professional staff members in helping students solve problems.
  • Participates in curriculum and other developmental programs.
  • Participates in faculty committees and the sponsorship of student activities.

Administrative Responsibilities;

  • Selects and requisitions consumable supplies, equipment, and instructional aids; maintains required inventory records.
  • Maintains control of storage and use of school-owned property.
  • Participates in the curriculum review process and other professional development programs.
  • Participates in faculty committees and the sponsorship of student activities.
  • Performs other duties as needed, as assigned by the supervisor.
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Additional Information

Start Date: August 9th, 2024

Contact Information

Norris School District
25211 South 68th
Firth, NE 68358

Sean Molloy
(p) (402) 791-0000

How to Apply

Apply online at: norris160.0rg