Intermediate School Special Education Teacher

A. Additional Education, Certification or Licensure Requirements:

Endorsement: K-12 Special Education Endorsement appropriate for the instructional responsibility assigned to the teacher (grade level and disability) as required by NDE

Rules 24 and 51. Additional endorsements in core academic subject areas or HOUSSE approval as required by the teacher’s assignment to be NCLB qualified.

B. Additional Performance Responsibilities and Job Tasks:

1. Maintain all pertinent NDE electronic documents including:
? Maintaining current team member access
? Maintaining current student and parent information
? Finalizing all documents
? Opening progress reports in timely fashion for related service providers.

2. Manage caseloads including:
? Preparing, scheduling and conducting IEP’s and MDT’s on or before anniversary date
? Managing monthly roster including insuring that:
i. Special education percentages accurately reflect services and are in compliance with what is stated on the IEP
ii. New IEP/MDT dates are recorded accurately
iii. Indicating all related services and other information

3. Provide services as directed in IEP.

4. Develop a working knowledge of students on case load as it pertains to providing special education services.
5. Document all parent interactions (phone calls, notes, etc.).
6. Supervise paraprofessionals.
7. Conduct formal and informal diagnostic observations and evaluations.
8. Communicate with district and outside agencies.
9. Attend regularly scheduled and other announced special education meetings.
10. Comply with NDE Rule 51 guidelines.
C. Additional or Different Physical Requirements:
1. #22 – Occasional – up to 33% of time.
2. Must be able to fulfill restraint training procedures.

Zone 5


3, 4, 5

Additional Information

Norris Intermediate is accepting applications for a special education teacher for the 2024-2025 school year.

  • Base Pay 2023-2024: $39,350
  • Full single or family insurance
  • 88 hours (11 days) non specified leave days per year

Contact Information

Norris School District 160
25211 S 68th Street
Firth, Nebraska 68358

Derrick Joel
(p) (402) 791-0000

How to Apply

Visit the Norris website or CLICK HERE to be re-direct.