ELL Teacher

Norris School District 160 is seeking applicants for a districtwide ELL teacher for the 2024-2025 school year. Norris offers a competitive certified staff salary and benefits which includes full health insurance. More information in regards to the ELL program is below: 


The goal for ELL students at Norris Public Schools aligns with the goals, vision, and mission we have for all students, as described by the following:

Vision Statement: All Norris students will develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to be successful.

Mission statement: The Norris Public schools, in collaboration with its communities and families, shall provide the best possible learning experiences and opportunities to assure that all students have the capability to the become responsible, productive citizens and lifelong learners.

Program Overview

Norris School District (NSD) utilizes a push-in/pull-out approach to instructing English Learners (ELs).  Students who in enroll at NSD are administered a home language survey as part of the enrollment process. Students who are indicated as possible ELLs are administered the LAS-Links language assessment.  If students qualify for ELL services based on their LAS-Link score, they are enrolled in the regular education English classroom, and then pulled out for supplemental services. Additional supports in the classroom are provided as needed.

Currently, NSD utilizes the following programs for supplemental language instruction.

  • Imagine Learning

    Rosetta Stone

  • Oxford Picture Dictionary
  • Oxford Picture Dictionary Content Areas for Kids

  • DISE

Students work on these programs, and receive additional academic support from the EL teacher. 

Our current professional development in conjunction with ESU#6 personnel highlights good instructional practices for all students.

Currently, NSD has 24 students active in our EL program.

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Additional Information

Position starts August 2024.

Contact Information

Norris School District 160
25211 S 68th Street
Firth, Nebraska 68358

Derrick Joel
(p) (402) 791-0000

How to Apply

Visit the Norris School District 160 website to apply online (click here to be re-directed)