Special Education Teacher


REQUIREMENTS:                     Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university

                                                Valid, current Nebraska teaching certificate

                                                Training and/or experience in special education teaching

REPORTS TO:                          Building Principal and Special Education Coordinator


RECEIVES GUIDANCE FROM:  Building Principal and Special Education Coordinator


JOB GOAL:   To enable students who are learning disabled and mild/moderately handicapped to derive the best possible educational experience from school through appropriate remediation, curriculum modification, direct special education instruction, and co-teaching

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:      Nine month year or as established by the Board of Education

EVALUATION:   Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of administrative

                         guidelines and evaluated by building principal and/or special education coordinator


  • Consistent and punctual “on site” attendance at the worksite is an essential job function
  • Team teaches and provides consultation to classroom teacher, parents, principal, and supervisor
  • Maintains a dual role of working with individual or small groups of students and working with the classroom teacher to provide a coordinated program
  • Coordinate with other building personnel to assure that adequate communication is maintained with each student’s parents or guardians to keep them informed of progress and programs
  • Update Individualized Educational Programs in accordance with Rule 51: Rules and Standards Governing Special Education Programs
  • Serve as an active member of the multi-disciplinary team
  • Collects assessment data and uses it effectively
  • Teaches or works toward effective carry-over of skills to the regular classroom
  • Keeps accurate records of attendance and progress
  • Assists in modification of regular classroom assignments and school activities so students can respond effectively
  • Provides suggestions and modified materials to other teachers and supportive personnel
  • Be able to communicate both orally and in writing the objectives to be carried out
  • Exhibits patience, openness, and concern in dealing with children
  • Exhibits tact and self-control in dealing with parents and teachers
  • Request and/or coordinate additional services or resources deemed necessary for children with learning problems



  • Teacher dresses appropriately and is well groomed
  • Teacher is emotionally stable
  • Teacher maintains physical fitness and personal vigor
  • Teacher shows enthusiasm and initiative
  • Teacher is punctual in job responsibilities
  • Teacher is willing to spend time outside the regular school day to assist students and supervise school activities



  • Relates with staff, parents and community through positive professional cooperation
  • Suggests positive recommendations for the continuing review and development of curriculum
  • Remains current with professional training and shows evidence of regular professional growth
  • Actively participates at scheduled staff meetings and serves on educational committees
  • Assumes responsibility periodically for conferences with parents
  • Recognizes the extra curriculum program as integral to the educational development of the child
  • Performs other duties within the scope of employment and certification as assigned by the appropriate administrator

OTHER REQUIREMENTS (Intellectual, Sensory):

  • Demonstrate oral and written language skills
  • Effective skills in leadership, human relations, organization, problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Skills in assessment and evaluation
  • Visual, auditory and dexterity skills

Zone 3



Additional Information

Position starts August 2024

Salary information:  https://www.norfolkpublicschools.org/district/business-services/employment-compensation-and-agreements/certified-employees.html

View our video at https://youtu.be/1NB1fhu3fuo.

Contact Information

Norfolk Public Schools
512 W Phillip Ave
Norfolk, Nebraska 68701

Angie Baumann
(p) (402) 644-2500 Option 3
(f) (402) 644-2506

How to Apply

Please apply through the NPS website:  https://norfolkpublicschools.tedk12.com/hire/index.aspx