Jr. High Math Teacher

Mary Our Queen Catholic School is seeking an individual to join our dynamic and faith filled community as a Jr. High (Grade 7 and 8) Math Teacher.

Criteria for the job includes:

o   NE Teacher Certification

o   Middle School and High School math teaching experience preferred

o   Practicing Catholic/Safe Environment Certified


Teaching Excellence

  • Set measurable, ambitious, and attainable goals for the year and each assessment cycle.

  • Develop and implement daily lesson plans as part of a long-term scope and sequence aligned to the curricular goals of MOQ and Omaha Archdiocese standards.

  • Conduct interim assessments, track student progress, and perform regular data analysis to determine student mastery and diagnose areas of conceptual misunderstanding.

  • Use a variety of rigorous formative and summative assessments to evaluate individual academic progress and adjust instructional plans to meet the needs of students.

  • Employ a variety of creative, differentiated, and research-based instructional strategies that ensure students are actively engaged in meaningful and rigorous learning experiences.


Classroom Culture

  • Develop a positive, achievement-oriented and structured learning environment so that all students are invested in their academic excellence and can fulfill their potential.

  • Ensure a setting that meets the needs of all students.

  • Set and reinforce clear expectations and routines that align to school-wide values and policies.

  • Recognize, celebrate and reward student achievement and character development.


Student and Family Relationships

  • Build rapport with students, parents, and families so they understand that teachers love them.

  • Establish and maintain open lines of communication, providing accessibility to students and families beyond the hours of the typical school day.

  • Invest parents and families in their children’s academic success through consistent communication of student progress and challenges.


Personal Effectiveness

  • Continually improve teaching skills by seeking out constructive feedback and professional development opportunities.

  • Use an effective system for tracking student mastery of curricular objectives for each unit throughout the school year.

  • Maintain accurate and complete records, including but not limited to: attendance, behavior, student achievement data, grades, progress reports, parent communication, textbooks, etc.


Contribution to the MOQ Community

  • Collaborate with Jr. High team members to ensure a loving, rigorous, safe environment across the entire school.

  • Assume responsibility for students’ success by holding all students accountable to school-wide behavioral expectations. (DWP)

  • Actively and professionally participate in all faculty and staff meetings, professional development, and events.

  • Work with peers to enhance the school’s professional learning community.

  • Teach, lead, or assist other educational programs/competitions outside of regular school hours.

  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as requested by school leaders.


Zone 6


7, 8



Additional Information

August 2023

Contact Information

Mary Our Queen Catholic School
3405 S 119 St.
Omaha, Nebraska 68144

Maureen Hoy
(p) (402) 333-8663

How to Apply

Interested applicants may send a cover letter and resume to Maureen Hoy at mhoy@moqschool.org.