Resource Teacher or Reading Specialist (3/5th to Full Time)

Job Description: The Resource Teacher at Lourdes Central Catholic will be responsible for implementing educational programs that supplement the general education curriculum.

Job Requirements:

Strong moral character.

Strong organizational skills.

Positive communication skills for one to one, group, and electronic (ex. phone & email) interaction.

Willingness to understand and commit to the mission of Lourdes Central Catholic School and the Diocese of Lincoln.

A team player with the willingness to work in a positive environment while serving different parties including but not limited to students, parents, teachers and administration.

Expert knowledge and related skills of the following computer related programs: Windows, Microsoft Office, File Management and general production related programs.

Ability to design and deliver educational programs for students.

 General Job Responsibilities:

1. Review student assessment and classroom data and provide appropriate communication to teachers, parents, school counselor, and administrators.

2. Implement appropriate educational and intervention programs.

3. Provide direct instruction to students with academic, language, social, and/or behavioral needs in an individual and/or small group setting.

4. Consult with teachers regarding appropriate accommodations and/or effective teaching methods for identified students.

5. Coordinate and provide classroom and testing accommodations for identified students.

6. Monitor the academic progress of students in the program on a monthly basis. Communicate with teachers and parents as necessary.

7. Maintain confidential records, including assessment records.

8. Provide assistance and strategies for success for all students at Lourdes Central Catholic School in grades PreS-5.

9. Participate in district-wide curriculum and assessment efforts.

10. Assist Lourdes Central Catholics School’s administration in developing a long-range plan to assist students with learning differences.

Supervisor: Coordinator of Special Education & Resource and/or Principal

Zone 5

Additional Information

Qualifications: Teacher Certification. Previous teacher experience with additional endorsements including Special Education is preferred but not required.

Salary: Compensation is primarily based upon experience and/or applicable degrees.


Contact Information

Lourdes Central Catholic
412 2nd Ave
Nebraska City, Nebraska 68410

Jon Borer
(p) (402) 873-6154

How to Apply

Interested candidates, should submit a cover letter and resume via email to Jon Borer, Principal at Qualified candidates will be invited to officially apply and interview. Lourdes Central Catholic is an equal opportunity employer.